Client Testimonial

Peruse the whole-hearted testimonials that were considerately shared by our valued clients to help you apprehend the authenticity and reliance that you can put on Tigernix Digital Solutions.
Emilia Clarke
Alcan Alucobond, Singapore
Mr. Stefan Gisin -Technical Sales & Marketing Manager Asia Pacific
We are thoroughly impressed with Tigernix’s complete Content Management System. The team was very proactive and forthcoming in implementing a system that matches our experience and industry-presence. We find the site very user-friendly and that helps us save a lot of time. Our productivity has definitely increased with Tigernix’s CMS. We’d definitely recommend them to our clients too.
Emilia Clarke
Optical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd
Mr. Eric Ho (Managing Director)

"We are very pleased with Tigernix’s integrated Customer Relationship Management system. It impeccably manages our customer support with its well-designed ticket system. Not only did they customize the system to match our needs but also suggested very valuable ideas to improve our efficiency. In addition, the Content Management System is so easy to use, manage, and maintain."
Emilia Clarke
Tevo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Mr. Eric Ho (Managing Director)
"We are glad to have chosen Tigernix for providing us a Content Management System and integrated e-commerce. We are pleased with the site and all its in-built features. The quality and functionality are unsurpassed. The Tigernix team worked well through every phase – design, development, and deployment. Now, we cut out on a lot of unnecessary training cost and process time."

Emilia Clarke
ACTIV360 Pte Ltd
Ms. Lina Ho (Sales & Marketing Director)
"We never thought that a Customer Relationship Management system could change the way we ran our business. It did! The Tigernix CRM has features that takes care of all our business needs and spans across our customer needs too. Not just that, the Tigernix CMS and e-commerce have enabled our website to be a lot more useful and productive. I personally like the CMS interface and its user management feature. They are very commendable."
Emilia Clarke
Maxmega Electronics Pte Ltd
Mr. Alyson Ong (General Manager)
"Our site is loaded with useful features now. Thanks to Tigernix CMS. It’s so easy to manage content these days and it’s not bound by geography or time. The UI is very elegant and matches our business style. It’s simple and secure."

Emilia Clarke
Rising Technologies Pte Ltd
Patrick Chua (Managing Director)
We wanted to give our business a technical and functional face-lift. That’s when we contacted Tigernix. They were very professional and gave us useful insights and a clear route-map to what we wanted to achieve in our business. The Tigernix team implemented integrated ERP that specifically suited our business needs. Now, we clearly see the difference in our business. Our work-pattern and productivity have increased drastically. Thanks to Tigernix.
Emilia Clarke
Larkspur Technology, Inc.
Mr. Shrini Keskar (Vice President - Global Operations)
"Tigernix’s User Interface design is sure to help us reach a larger and broader audience for our services. The designs exceeded our expectations and are very well-planned, aesthetic, and user-friendly."

Emilia Clarke
SpeedB Pte Ltd
Mr. Sherwin Tng (Marketing Director)
"Tigernix not only provided good customer service but also offered us an excellent CRM system. It caters to all our marketing and sales force needs with its complete automation of processes, reports, security, and knowledge repositories. We are glad to have gone with Tigernix."