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Be well-versed about the real-time performance levels and lifecycles of your valuable asset networks with the exceptional EAM in Singapore- Tigernix Enterprise Asset Management System.
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About TigernixEAM - Enterprise Asset Management System

EAM or enterprise asset management is essential for any organization to ensure a seamless workflow. However, keeping track of all your asset management operations, and processes can be overwhelming when you are doing it manually and leading to errors and delays. Introducing the robust enterprise software solution of Tigernix, TigernixEAM – Where you will find the solutions to all the challenges you experience related to asset management in your enterprise. Developed with cutting edge technology, our system introduces automation to all your EAM operations. With user-friendly functions that enable you to manage over 90% of your enterprise asset management operations, TigernixEAM ensures improved productivity and efficiency. Comprised of a number of modules that are equipped with several functions to help you manage your physical assets with ease our system will take your asset management to the next level. The tools we’ve built into our enterprise asset management solution are well thought out and comprehensive to deliver you an end-to-end EAM solution of the next generation. These tools will help you have a better grip over your assets, their maintenance, construction, engineering and operations. The system will assist you in controlling your EAM operations from A to Z, giving you instant access to the system.

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Some of the top features of our EAM solution are,

Taking care of asset lifecycle to inventory to report generation TigernixEAM can handle all the attributes of your EAM operations, delivering you better speed and accuracy. The system will digitally store all your data and records related to EAM operations to across all the channels enabling you to manage, organize and keep track of your data efficiently. Giving you access to all the data within seconds, our EAM solution will let you have better visibility over your assets, labours and maintenance work than ever before. It will improve the mobility of maintenance teams while enabling you to monitor the progress of the maintenance operations closely.

Best EAM solution available in the market

Being one of the top enterprise software solution vendors in Singapore, Tigernix has developed TigernixEAM after in-depth research on the industry. With the guidance of EAM experts in the country, our solution also ensures a highly functional solution for enterprise asset management.

Thinking a step ahead as always, our system is comprised of modules that let you enjoy a number of latest technologies enabling you to make your enterprise asset management operations future-proof before your competitors do.

We have developed TigernixEAM to be highly customizable when compared with many of the EAM solutions available in the market to deliver you a tailor-made EAM solution to fit the requirements of your organization. The system is scalable and flexible, thus ensuring you an EAM solution that efficiently caters to your future needs.

Highly functional CMMS module

TigernixEAM comes with an exclusive CMMS system that allows you to manage your maintenance operations digitally. The computerized maintenance management system or the CMMS of our solution was designed to effectively maintain a computer database for your organization’s maintenance operations and HR functions. Thus, allowing you to improve the effectiveness of maintenance workers, the verification of regulatory compliance and the quality of management decisions.

Seamless integration

Developed for seamless integration, TigernixEAM ensures you a 100% integration with other systems you are already using in your organization to deliver you the best return on your investment. Our system is easy to integrate, and our team will be there to assist you throughout the integration process enabling fast system implementation.

Web-based and mobile-friendly

Catering to modern-day needs and technological trends, TigernixEAM comes with web-based technology allowing you easy access to the system regardless of where you are. Featuring a mobile app that employees can quickly download to their mobile device we’ve made our enterprise asset management solution more convenient to use.

Advanced analytical tools included.

Not like other EAM solutions, Tigernix has highly focused on delivering advanced tools for our users to help utilize data they collect in more creative and strategic ways to make better business decisions. The report generation and analytical module of the system will introduce you new ways to process and analyze your data related to asset management, thus improving the accuracy in forecasting.

Whether you are a real estate business, owns a commercial fleet or runs a large manufacturing plant, TigernixEAM can solve your asset management issues once and for all.

However, we advise you to start with a robust EAM framework to identify a risk-free approach for your new EAM solution adoption and integration. It’s crucial that you start with understanding the exact requirements of your asset management operations before starting your hunt for a right EAM solution. You can begin by analyzing your asset management process, and where you are looking forward to improving and prioritize them, to understand the must-have functions of the EAM solution you need. This way, you are guaranteed an optimum return on your investment.

TigernixEAM is for you?

If you are looking for a cutting edge EAM solution from a reputable vendor for a reasonable price with an active support service, TigernixEAM is an enterprise software solution that you can’t afford to miss to consider. It’s high in quality, have made up to international standards and guarantees you improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity in your asset management operations. Seamlessly integrating with Gartner magic quadrant that updates yearly, we ensure you an up-to-date EAM solution to help you always be ahead of your competitors.

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TigernixEAM Features

TigernixEAM offers a whole range of useful features and functions:

TigernixEAM is EAM solution of your choice that comes with a myriad of useful functions that will transform the way you manage assets of your enterprise. Tigernix, the enterprise software giant developed an all-in-one EAM software for enterprise asset management with cutting edge technology, introducing a solution that can tackle all the challenges professionals in asset management face. With our expert team of developers under the guidance of professionals in enterprise asset management, we have developed every function of the system, keeping our end users at heart to ensure smooth usage and high functionality.

Aimed to deliver easy navigation, user-friendly interface and useful operational functions, we’ve maintained international standards to offer you a high-quality EAM solution for your organization. Comes with highly customizable modules, the system can be easily modified to fit the unique requirements of your asset management operations.

Known for our enterprise software solution, Tigernix ensures you a world-class EAM solution with TigernixEAM. Here are some of the top functions that will help you streamline your operations, saving you costs and labour.

Asset Lifecycle Management/Asset Performance Management

Managing asset lifecycle and asset performance can get complicated, especially when you have a growing list of assets to monitor. TigernixEAM helps you manage asset lifecycle and asset performance regardless of the scope, scale, industry and location of your assets.

It takes care of all the stages of asset lifecycle management, from planning, acquisition, operation and maintenance to disposal. It will closely monitor and manage the life cycle of all your assets.

It will track, locate and analyze all your physical assets while facilitating meter usage measurements, enabling you to keep track of the usage of your assets and their sub-components. The system will introduce effective and efficient asset management practices with automation, thereby improving asset lifecycle.

It also comes with features to monitor predictive maintenance, asset integrity management and reliability-centred maintenance, ensuring the optimum performance of your assets while reducing costs and risks.

Asset Defects Management

Defects in your assets can delay your operations affecting the entire manufacturing process. With the asset defect management module of our TigernixEAM software, we help you improve the defect management process of your organization’s assets.

Offering you several functions to help you manage defects and repairs of your company’s assets, the module reduces downtime in a great deal. The module will make it easy for your team to track and monitor all your assets to identify defects of your equipment and machinery fast. It comes with instant messaging features to inform relevant parties to start repairs.

With a colour-coding system to prioritize the defects with ease and efficiency, our EAM software solution will also show the ‘opened’ and ‘closed’ repairs while enabling you to create documents for each defect repair with images and other reports. The module allows you to get updates on your assets related to their maintenance and upkeep work easier than ever before, allowing you to reduce defects with proper maintenance, thus optimizing the operational capacity and longevity of your assets.

Our EAM system also has special functions made to help you view technicians working on the repairs, costs involved, and how long it will take to finish the repair. It will also show you how often a piece of machinery gets defects so you can quickly identify which machinery require to replace and which should be repaired.

Asset Failure Predictive Analytics

You can’t fully trust an asset to function as you expect, but you also can’t walk around your plant looking for an asset with signs of failures all day. Which is why our asset failure predictive analytics module of TigernixEAM is here to redefine how you predict asset failures.

Utilizing advanced algorithms to analyze all the data collected from machinery, the module is capable of giving you early warnings regarding asset failures enabling you to reduce risks and asset failures.

In simple terms, it enables you to automate your manual inspection operations in a great deal. The module will fine-tune your inspection and maintenance regime saving you time spend on manual inspections while eliminating asset failures.

With the asset failure predictive analytics of our EAM solution, you will be able to eliminate time-consuming manual monitoring of asset performance as our algorithm will do it on your behalf, adapting to operating conditions.

The module will also help with organizing all the analyzed data of your assets and presenting them in useful ways to help you with the decision making in the process of asset management. Comes with many valuable data visualization functions, the module will show you the precise analytics of all your assets in one place

Asset Failure Modelling

Breakdowns and unexpected failures in machinery are inevitable. However, having a reliable repairing and maintenance methodology is essential to reduce downtimes as well as to reduce asset failures.

The asset failure modelling module of TigernixEAM provides solutions in improving the reliability in asset failures, with a reliable asset failure model developed, taking all the essential parameters into account. With in-depth data analyzing capabilities, the module will analyze operational field data, test data, physical failure information and engineering judgment; and help you develop and validate asset failure models.

From planned maintenance to random failures, the module will assist you in speeding up repairs while providing you with accurate information on different failure rates and failure rate patterns to help you easily predict future failures of your assets. Delivering you a reliable asset failure modelling system, TigernixEAM will help you with developing prediction techniques, design and analysis methodologies, allocation procedures, control procedures, test, and demonstration procedures. This will improve the efficiency in asset failure management, enabling you to perform satisfactory and economical repair and maintenance operations.

Asset Decay Matrix

Being able to analyze data collected from your assets can help you effectively manage asset deterioration. The asset decay matrix module of our EAM solution will help you do just that right from your computer with advanced analytical features.

The module will help you develop early-life, mid-life, and late-life matrices to help you have an accurate idea of the deterioration of every asset throughout the asset lifecycle. The module will develop matrices considering the overall life cycle pattern of the assets. Providing you with precise data on your asset evolution with time, the module will enable you to monitor and track asset warranties, repairs, maintenance, performance lags, and funding strategies for the eventual replacement of the asset.

Developed especially to help organizations have better visibility over their asset maintenance, especially in the asset decay management, the module allows you to predict failures and prepare for necessary maintenance work before the failure to manifest.

Offering you asset decay matrices for physical condition, demand condition, and functional condition, the module helps you have a better knowledge of your asset decay and avoid unexpected breakdowns and failures.

Asset Failure Machine Learning

Al or artificial intelligence is the next generation of technology businesses can get many benefits from in managing their businesses. And now Tigernix brings you the benefits of AI or machine learning to your EAM operations with our cutting edge TigernixEAM, the most trusted EAM solution in the market.

Enabling you to keep track of your assets easily, the module will keep a close eye on your assets, effectively identifying asset failures. Developed with the aim to help you reduce asset failures and downtime, the module will help you analyze volumes of asset and maintenance data fast. The module will use deep learning techniques on sensor data to identify derivation from standard sensor patterns and predict asset failures before breakdowns happen.

With the ability to operate unsupervised, the asset failure machine learning function of TigernixEAM will allow you to automate the asset performance monitoring process. Helping you reduce time-consuming manual asset monitoring, the system will enable you to manage your asset failures effectively. This module will also help detect asset data anomalies in real-time, thus allowing you to reduce unexpected downtime, which will save you time, money, and delays.

Work Order Management

Work orders are essential for effective asset maintenance of an enterprise. An enterprise asset maintenance software with cutting edge technology like TigernixEAM can streamline your work order management process from start to finish. Our system comes with a gourmet of features that help you generate, manage, monitor schedule and reschedule work orders to optimize your asset maintenance. Our EAM system will automatically generate work orders based on work requests. It will estimate, assign, schedule the budget, labour and other resources required to fulfil the particular work order with a click of a button.

Whether its internal or contract the system will keep track of the progress of the work order, enabling you to view the status of the project right from your screen while notifying and effectively reminding employees involved in the project to avoid delays.

It will also track downtime on your behalf and let you reopen any work order for correction or updates. Plus, it comes with a feature that shows you the outstanding work of the day, week and the month, enabling you to have an in-depth overview of your work orders efficiently.

Inventory Management

Having enough inventory without overstocking for the maintenance of your physical asset is essential to ensure a smooth workflow without any delays. The inventory management feature of TigernixEAM helps you monitor and control all your inventory required to maintain your assets.

Keeping track of all your physical assets, their usage, performances, breakdowns and maintenance, the system will provide you with recommendations on maintaining your inventory levels.

The tools of the system will effectively calculate economic order quantities to help you maintain consistency in inventory levels while reducing costs. The system will automate the reorder process making process of ordering and controlling of replenishable items efficiently and effectively, thus enabling you to cut-down wastes while helping you save money.

Maintenance Management (MRO)

Regular maintenance of equipment and machinery improves the longevity of the machinery while enabling you to maintain optimal performance levels. MRO or Maintenance Management module of TigernixEAM can take your MRO processes to the next level automating everything.

The module is capable of identifying, scheduling, implementing, monitoring and reporting maintenance activity.

It will actively monitor the machinery of your enterprise to effectively identify regular maintenance needs to increase the longevity of your machinery while effectively managing breakdowns, repairs and necessary facilities for the machines to work efficiently.

From developing maintenance policies, scheduling inspections, preparing inventory lists, recruiting labours, forecasting maintenance expenditure to ensure safety standards, our TigernixEAM will manage, monitor and report everything. The system will update you the real-time data enabling you to have an up to date knowledge on the maintenance work going on in your organization and maintenance work that needs to be done immediately and their status.

Vehicle/Fleet Management

Whether you are an emergency service organization, maintain a commercial fleet or need an effective management system to manage vehicles of your organization TigernixEAM’s vehicle management function can deliver you many benefits.

Also known as fleet management, the function will enable you to manage the entire lifecycle of the vehicles owned by your organization from a digital screen. Taking care of budgeting, acquisition, capital improvement, campaigns, and disposal management, our enterprise asset management solution will help you reduce ownership costs and increase equipment availability.

The system will make your fleet management process robust, allowing you to keep track of warranty and claims quickly saving you the time and the hassle. The system is also equipped with functions that let you monitor, implement and track vehicle maintenance to extend the life of the vehicles. The system will also ensure regulatory compliance of vehicle management, enabling seamless integration between departments involved in the process.

Facilities Management

Facilities management can be overwhelming with all the wear and tear, power failures, exposure to elements and accidents. Yet well-maintained facilities are essential to ensure safety and reduce wastes. This is why we developed the facilities management function of our EAM solution to provide you with easy and effective facilities management.

The module will effectively manage and monitor facilities of your enterprise, delivering you better visibility over planning, maintenance management and operation management. From materials, labour, warranties, purchasing to contractors, the system will enable you to monitor everything from your screen, giving you better control over maintenance, energy use and costs.

With our EAM system, you will be able to ensure no-waste operations in facilities management in your organization via automated strategic planning, scheduling and managing work. So, you are guaranteed an optimum environment where highest standards are maintained with no wastes while improving sustainability, efficiency and scalability of the technology.

Plant Engineering

Effective plant engineering management is vital to ensure the reliability of your plant operations. TigernixEAM offers you the perfect solution to manage your plant engineering and plant operations with ease than ever before introducing automation to your plants.

Comes with many functions to help you streamline your plant engineering management processes from plant design, process design, engineering workflow to plant automation, our enterprise asset management solution will transform how you manage your plants.

Taking care of the complete plant life cycle, our EAM software will digitalize all your records and data related to your plant operations, delivering you better visibility and control over your plant engineering and operations.

It will streamline the information system enabling better collaboration and coordination between the engineering, operation and the other departments involved in the process effectively.

The system will bring together engineers, builders and operators ensuring better maintainability, availability and reliability of equipment while providing solutions to all the challenges engineers and operators face.

Document Management

With work requests, work orders, purchase orders, invoices, asset maintenance, and usage records and more, document management can get complicated quickly in enterprise asset management. However, active document management can make all the difference in the world in managing your assets effectively for improved profits.

With the document management module of TigernixEAM, we redefine how you manage documents related to asset management.

Featuring a centralized data hub that you can access via the internet anytime, our EAM solution will enable you to digitally store all your data and records generated in asset management operations. The system will effectively deal with large volumes of data allowing you to convert production and asset data to useful asset intelligence easily. It will update all the records in real-time regardless of the location your asset is thus increasing the accuracy of data significantly. Document management module of our enterprise asset management system will completely transform your document management process, offering you a better overview of your assets, their status, and their maintenance activities.

Materials Management

Facilitating better planning, control, direction and coordination capabilities in material management, TigernixEAM improve your material management processes from A to Z. Comes with many functions to help you tackle everyday challenges you face in material management, our enterprise asset management solution will ensure adequate material supply and availability for asset management.

Allowing better coordination and collaborations between inventory management, purchase management, traffic control management and production control management departments, the system will ensure material availability for your physical assets from spare parts to lubricants.

It will help you control your material management process closely monitoring the demand, prices, availability, quality, delivery schedules ensuring increased profits and low operational costs.

The material management module of our enterprise asset management solution comes with planning and programming material purchase, controlling store and stock and receiving and issuing of materials automating everything for enhanced accuracy and efficiency. Focusing on cutting down costs in material management, our software will help you optimize your operations by introducing new practices that work well for your organization.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence or BI is one of the newest and biggest data analysis trends in enterprise technology. Lucky for you, now you too can enjoy the benefits of business intelligence in enterprise asset management.

Comprised of latest business intelligence functions that allow you to collect, integrate, analyze and present the large sums of data your department receives effectively, the system will help you understand and use the data in a more meaningful manner in the decision-making process.

From physical assets, asset lifecycle, maintenance to other asset management operations in your enterprise BI module of TigernixEAM will closely monitor the data to help you with strategic planning with better reporting. Our enterprise asset management solution will give you easy access to all your data in your asset management department and integrate with data of other departments to generate insightful reports for better future decision making.

Reliability/risk management

The solutions our TigernixEAM delivers related to reliability and risk management are the next level. Our enterprise asset management system has a module specially designed to tackle challenges you face in reliability and risk management in assets in an organization.

With the module, you can create a safer and more secure work environment for your staff, customers and other stakeholders while ensuring more stability in business operations. Improving the proper maintenance of your physical assets, the module will allow reducing accidents in work environment in operating machinery and equipment.

It also comes with functions that enable you to manage and track insurance policies, and requirements to make sure everything is well covered and to avoid unnecessary premiums.

Our enterprise asset management system also capable of helping you identify potential failures, and prioritize issues related to assets based on risks to ensure an acceptable level of functionality in assets to meet the operational expectations.

Supply Chain Management

Optimizing supply chain processes is another critical task that can hugely affect your enterprise asset management operations for good. Supply availability with tighter cost controls is essential to maximize the working capital of your business while ensuring smooth operations without any interruptions.

Streamlining your supply chain operations related to asset management, the unique functions of TigernixEAM solution helps you identify and fulfil demand-driven supply from spare parts to other supplies needed for asset management in your organization. The supply chain management module of our EAM solution also capable of assisting you in developing procurement policies and managing and tracking contracts and purchasing agreements with vendors.

The system will also aid you in planning and forecasting your supply chain processes to ensure optimized demand and inventory levels, thereby enabling you to save money. Enabling seamless information exchange, the system also will offer you better visibility and control over your supply chain operations while handling everything from merchandise planning, supplier sourcing to logistics through automation.

Labor and Scheduling Management

Managing your labour force effectively can be easily turned into profits. TigernixEAM software comes with a separate module dedicated only for labour and scheduling management. Comprised of a lot of useful functions that enable you to manage your labour force easier than ever before the module allows you to improve labour productivity, control and costs while enabling you to comply with the labour laws efficiently and effectively.

Through effective integration with asset maintenance modules of the system, labour and scheduling management module of our enterprise asset management system will effectively identify labour requirements to fulfil maintenance work while ensuring you the optimum labour performance.

The system will automate performance analysis processors enabling you to keep track of best-performing labours easily. The system will help you manage labour skills, working hours, overtime etc. while making maintenance work scheduling easy and effective based on job size and complexity, labour availability, equipment utilization, job site accessibility, contractual agreements.

Reporting and Analytics

Providing you with deep insight into your asset management and performance, reporting and analytics function of TigernixEAM enables you to have real-time reports easily and swiftly. With companywide curated metrics related to enterprise asset management, the system will help you identify pain points. And recommend the best strategies to improve your asset performance and lifecycle.

It helps you read the data receive from all the different channels in ways you never thought was possible before delivering insight into asset management issues and performance questions.

Developed to ensure you fast processing and sophisticated data analytic capabilities the system will make the report generation process easy, accurate and fast. Plus, it will deliver you better data representation options; thus, you could easily digest all the data. With various data visualization tools, it allows you to represent your reports more appealingly to the management.

Helping you get the most out of big data in your enterprise asset management process our EAM solution will ensure useful reports that will aid you in seizing new opportunities to expand your business with more confidence.

Why is TigernixEAM the right choice for you?

Developed with the latest technology to deliver you the benefits of automation to your enterprise’s asset management operations, our TigernixEAM is one of the best EAM solutions you will find in the market. The software has designed and developed, keeping its end-users in mind while ensuring you improved productivity and efficiency in your department of asset management.

However, with all the different EAM solutions available in the market, it can be quite tricky for you to understand what EAM solution suits your organization the best.

Thus, here, we made a comparison of TigernixEAM with the enterprise asset management software market to showcase why and how our EAM solution might be the best EAM software solution for your organization.

CMMS functionalities

TigernixEAM comes with well thought out CMMS functionalities covering all most all the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) attributes of your organization. The system comprised of a range of extra features than what other EAM software available in the market offer, delivering you a substantial competitive advantage.


Our EAM solution is 100% integratable with other software solution, thus delivering you seamless system integration in your organization than our competitors.

Web-based technology

TigernixEAM is a web-based solution that enables you to access your EAM system anywhere anytime with a digital device and an internet connection. This is the next technological advancement of EAM solutions which we’ve used before many of our competitors.

Mobile app support

Being about to access data and records and see updates in your asset management operations comes very handy in today’s busy world. Featuring a cutting-edge mobile app solution, TigernixEAM is one step ahead of other EAM software available in the market with our forward-thinking approach.

Maintenance management

With highly functional and useful features to help you manage your asset maintenance, TigernixEAM offers you an array of functions to streamline your maintenance management operations in ways you never thought possible before. This is one of the top characteristics of our EAM solution that sets us apart from our competitors.

Advance data analyzing functions

Embracing the trend of big data TigernixEAM has equipped with several advance data analyzing tools to help derive useful insight from the data you collect. The system will store, organize and analyze data using sophisticated data analytical tools, aiding you with better decision making.

Report generation and data representation

Our EAM system has a separate module dedicated for report generation and data representation, enabling you to view, analyze and digest data efficiently and effectively. The system also comes with many appealing data visualization tools. This is another area TigernixEAM has surpassed our competitors.

Customization – We believe that every organization is different; thus, our expert developers are here anytime to help you deliver a fully customized EAM solution fit for your requirements. Developed to be flexible to be able to tailor-make to user requirements TigernixEAM is highly customizable than many other EAM solutions available in the market.

Support service

For TigernixEAM, you receive 24/7 technical support service where we’ll have our expert developers at your service to help you solve any technical or system issues that arise fast and effectively. Striving for 100% customer satisfaction, we ensure an immediate solution to your problems.