TigernixVolunteer is a feature-rich Volunteer Management App that helps you attract, recruit, coordinate and retain the most skilful volunteers that share the determination of your valued cause. It is a one-size-for-all app that can facilitate all non-profit organisations in Singapore.

About Volunteer Management App

During financial difficulties and unpredicted dynamics of donors, non-profit centres ensure their missions and goals to their volunteer base. This is why you must employ the TigernixVolunteer to attract and retain volunteers to increase the operational values of your non-profit centre enormously. Here are a few specialists in our app:
Evaluate Volunteer Contributions

Assess volunteer attendance, interests, feedback, opportunities and appreciation under one screen by employing Tigernix Volunteer Management App- your organisation's best volunteer management system.

Grow Competent Volunteering Teams

TigernixVolunteer allows members to engage with potential volunteering people with a set of purpose-built features and tools, spurring volunteer attractions and sensing the right message to the right people at the right time.

Local and Global Attractions

Capitalise on your volunteer contribution by allowing them to establish regional societies and plan activities worldwide to produce impactful content to attract more volunteers, members and donors simultaneously.

Manage Volunteering Communities

Manage any size of volunteering community- small or large- by employing the user-friendly volunteer management tools integrated into your existing data sources for quicker updates, faster responses and healthy operations.

One-to-all Volunteer-based Centres

The app allows the main non-profit decision-makers of associations, societies, churches, clubs or NGOs to review organisational goals under one glass pane.

Scale Ideas into Inspirations

The updated information systems of the TigernixVolunteer empower your volunteer management teams to control reporting and analytics to make futuristic decisions for your non-profit centres.

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Volunteer Management App Features

Volunteers are often highly involved in the operations of any non-profit organisation and guarantee that non-profits run smoothly. This involvement can range from monetary donations to time dedicated to championing a non-profit organisation’s cause. Managing these volunteers effectively might be very important, considering their significance to your organisation. Here are some of the most noteworthy features of TigernixVolunteer.

Volunteer Registration and Profile

With its simple volunteer registration and profile feature, TigernixVolunteer simplifies the procedure. Signing up, setting up a profile, and accessing opportunities are all simple processes for volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

Easily develop, monitor, and advertise various volunteer opportunities in Singapore. Promote a culture of social responsibility and community impact-driven communication between organisations and volunteers.

Volunteer Matching

Using cutting-edge algorithms, it matches volunteers with the ideal possibilities according to their availability, talents, and interests. It optimises the volunteer experience to assess their services with preferences easily.

Volunteer Scheduling

Easy scheduling, availability, and communication management boost volunteer initiatives' effectiveness and organisation. Employ the app to check volunteer calendars, statuses and profiles for faster volunteering operations.

Communication and Notifications

A strong and vibrant volunteer community is being fostered in Singapore thanks to real-time updates, event reminders, and personalised communications that increase engagement and seamless communication.

Volunteer Hours Tracking

Organisations may easily generate reports, recognise volunteer efforts, and track individual and team contributions, fostering transparency and acknowledgement within Singapore's volunteer ecosystem.

Skill Development and Training

Volunteers have access to training and learning tools because of TigernixVolunteer's Skill Development and Training function; it gives individuals more skills and information, enabling them to tackle issues better.

Volunteer Rewards and Recognition

This feature of TigernixVolunteer facilitates users to recognise volunteers’ efforts with badges, awards, and rewards; you may enhance volunteer community morale and build a sense of accomplishment and togetherness.

Feedback and Reviews

Positive feedback and constructive criticism establish a climate of ongoing improvement and reciprocal appreciation, which supports a vibrant and productive volunteer ecology.

Social Sharing

This feature increases the impact of volunteer efforts by raising awareness and motivating others, resulting in a more active and welcoming volunteer base via interactive social media platforms that send the right message across.

Volunteer Community

The feature links volunteers to creating a thriving and helpful network via collaboration-based forums, activities, and networking opportunities to strengthen and unify the volunteer community and enable a stronghold for collaboration.

Offline Mode

The offline mode guarantees seamless operation even in Singapore without an internet connection. Volunteer management will continue unabated despite network issues since volunteers can obtain crucial information, update data, and remain active.

Analytics and Reporting

Monitoring volunteer performance, assessing impact, and producing thorough reports enables data-driven decision-making and ongoing development for better volunteer management and community participation.

Multi-language Support

Making the app available in various languages serves Singapore's multicultural population by enabling volunteers and organisations to communicate in their native tongues while making volunteer management more inclusive.

Why Tigernix Volunteer Management App?

Entrust TigernixVolunteer to curate seamless opportunities in optimising the volunteer management functions of your non-profit organisation. It organises and archives all volunteer profiles from current and inactive members of your non-profit organisation, allowing you to apply filters to quickly and easily find the details you need. Learn more about why TigernixVolunteer is the perfect app for you by learning more about its benefits:

A More Practical Solution

Allow your volunteers to engage with your teams and enrol, serve and retain more effectively by filtering out their preferred departments based on their expertise by using the Tigernix Volunteer Management Application.

End-to-end Cost Efficiency

Save time, money and efforts wasted in optimising volunteer-centric activities in your organisation. Coordinators can build stronger relations with your volunteer base while boosting revenue to meet mission-oriented objectives.

Layered Data Protection

TigernixVolunteer is known by non-profit practitioners in Singapore for its well-knitted data privacy and protection system with multiple-layer authentication and encryption for extra information confidentiality.

Mobilise Volunteer Base

Invite volunteers from international domains by mobilising your volunteer platform to activate real change and broader scopes of community services by adopting TigernixVolunteer- the best volunteer management app in Singapore.

One-to-all Solution

This solution can be fledged to meet the unique volunteer attractions, retentions and operations in any establishment, including clubs, associations, churches, rehabilitation centres, homes, care centres, community service hubs etc.

Support in Every Stage

Tigernix’s dedicated team will always be at your service around the clock by providing concierge from deploying, onboarding and updating the application plus enabling in-depth direction and editorial guides.

User-friendly Interfaces

Volunteers and organisations enjoy a smooth experience thanks to intuitive navigation and thoughtful layouts, which minimise the learning curve and increase productivity while organising worthwhile community engagements.

Volunteer Data Analytics

Discover patterns, evaluate effects, and optimise strategies by analysing volunteer data, enabling more informed decisions and driving continuous development in volunteer management and community outreach.