TigernixClinical is Singapore’s top solution for clinical student placements, ensuring ideal matches between students and facilities. It improves scheduling by aligning hospital needs with student availability, ensuring uninterrupted healthcare quality.

About TigernixClinical

Find the perfect match between medical students and facilities using TigernixClinical – Singapore’s premier scheduling solution for clinical student placements. Enhance your scheduling process by aligning hospital needs with student availability, guaranteeing uninterrupted healthcare excellence. Experience streamlined talent acquisition, demand forecasting, shift organisation, and comprehensive analytics and reporting functionalities. Let this solution automate and synchronise all your operational, managerial, and administrative tasks, ensuring efficient implementation.
Clinical Posting System Workflow
Effortless Student-Facility Matching

TigernixClinical ensures ideal matches between medical students and facilities, enhancing scheduling by aligning hospital needs with student availability. This guarantees uninterrupted healthcare quality and optimises the placement process.

Comprehensive Tools Suite

TigernixClinical offers tools that allow the practitioner or placement manager (users) to streamline scheduling, allocate resources effectively, and deliver exceptional healthcare services.

Dynamic Allocation and Planning

Optimise allocation by considering factors like hospital quotas, transport routes, postal codes, and time. It ensures precise, fair and resourceful posting schedules and electronic medical record (EMR) lists based on clinical groups.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

TigernixClinical provides comprehensive insights into hospital allocation processes through detailed reports. It considers factors like hospital quotas, transport routes, and proximity of postal code, enabling informed decision-making.

Enhanced Scheduling Efficiency

Features like Smart Screen Divider and Smart Clinical Posting improve scheduling efficiency. These features provide hospital and practitioner location visualisations, streamline placement coordination, and minimise administrative burdens.

Unbiased Clinical Placement

Promotes transparency in clinical posting lifecycles (allocation, grouping and posting). It also prioritises diversity and equality in ethnic work environments, supporting inclusivity and cultural sensitivity in healthcare institutions.

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TigernixClinical Features

Discover the transformative capabilities of TigernixClinical, which are designed to revolutionise healthcare scheduling and placement processes, from detecting anomalies with the admin anomaly manager to optimising resource allocation. Dive into our suite of tools, including business policy-based augmentation and map-based transport optimisation, empowering you to streamline scheduling, allocate resources effectively, and deliver exceptional healthcare services.
Admin Anomaly Manager

Admin Anomaly Manager

This tool empowers administrators to detect and report irregularities in practitioner placements, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in placement processes. It identifies anomalies like incorrect placements or scheduling discrepancies, enabling swift resolution and smoother operations.

Business Policy-Based Augmentation

Business Policy-Based Augmentation

Enhancing hospital allocation, this feature integrates clinical group posting based on flexible business policies. It optimises postings considering hospital quotas, academic performance, transport routes, and postal code proximity. This promotes fair allocation criteria and delivers precise posting schedules and EMR lists.

Centralised Profile Manager

Centralised Profile Manager

Serving as a comprehensive repository for practitioner data, this module streamlines management and access. It consolidates profiles, academic records, and relevant information in a centralised system, facilitating efficient tracking, updates, and utilisation across administrative processes and educational initiatives.

Department Resource Flexer

Department Resource Flexer

Maximising resource utilisation during clinical postings, this module eliminates waste by optimising department resource allocation. It ensures efficient use throughout placements, minimising inefficiencies and enhancing productivity within departments, contributing to overall operational effectiveness and cost savings

Interactive X-Y-Axis Schedulers

Providing a dynamic view of Posting Schedules with precise alignment, these schedulers enable users to visualise hospital assignments within posting blocks. They support tracking group postings across different hospitals within the same year, facilitating effortless scheduling modifications through drag-and-drop gestures.

Map-based Transport Optimiser

Map-based Transport Optimiser

Prioritising the shortest travel times for postings per department, this tool ensures efficient transportation logistics based on geographical convenience and departmental urgency during operations. It optimises placements for efficient travel, enhancing operational efficiency and resource utilisation.

Planning / Allocation

Planning / Allocation

This solution assigns clinical groups to hospitals based on quotas and transport routes, optimising allocation considering distance and time. It also finds postal codes and times, ensuring adherence to allocation criteria and producing accurate posting schedules and EMR lists.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

This solution offers comprehensive insights into hospital allocation processes, generating detailed reports on clinical group posting. It considers factors like hospital quotas, transport routes, and proximity of postal code, enabling informed decision-making and optimising posting schedules for efficient healthcare service delivery.

Smart Screen Divider

Smart Screen Divider

Enhancing scheduling efficiency, this feature visualises hospital and practitioner locations, enabling a comprehensive view when assigning postings across multiple hospitals. It streamlines placement coordination, ensuring seamless resource allocation and optimising educational experiences for appointed students or medical staff.

Why is TigernixClinical the Right Choice for You?

TigernixClinical offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the demands of complex clinical student assignments in Singapore’s healthcare landscape. Its robust features optimise the matching process between medical students and facilities, ensuring seamless alignment with hospital needs and student availability.
Adherence to Dynamic Compliances

Compliance with Singapore Data Security standards is paramount, ensuring robust protection for sensitive information, bolstering trust, and ensuring legal adherence. It establishes a framework for solid data management, safeguarding patient privacy and organisational integrity while mitigating data breaches and regulatory non-compliance risks.

Forecast Hospital Demands

Forecasting demands using Artificial Intelligence enables healthcare organisations to anticipate resource needs accurately, optimising staffing levels and inventory management. It leverages data analytics and predictive modelling to identify patterns and trends, empowering proactive decision-making and resource allocation to meet fluctuating demands effectively.

Interacting Optimisation Maps

View medical student addresses and clinical posting locations on an interactive map and use AI to generate the most efficient transport routes for students before scheduling their placements. This insightful tool helps student managers eliminate all inconveniences with battle-tested data before making informed decisions.

Redefine your Business Rules

Hospitals can identify department-specific demands through TigernixClinical. Customise placement strategies by setting business rules, including clinical grouping based on home addresses, gender, student ranks, ethnicities, past posting records, academic year, and posting exceptions.

Smart Clinical Posting

Near-zero time wasted on scheduling is achievable through automated and optimised scheduling processes, minimising administrative burdens and maximising productivity. It leverages technology to streamline scheduling tasks, reduce manual errors, and empower staff with self-service tools, enabling them to focus on delivering quality patient care.

Transparency and Integrity

Transparency in clinical posting processes cultivates fairness and understanding among stakeholders, fostering a culture of trust and accountability. It enhances operational efficiency by providing clarity and consistency in placement procedures, promoting stakeholder satisfaction and engagement while minimising disputes and misunderstandings.

Unbiased Yet Diverse

Trustworthy uni-hospital networks prioritise diversity and equality in ethnic work environments, fostering inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. They promote collaborative partnerships between institutions, supporting knowledge exchange and best practices sharing while nurturing a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that celebrates diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all.

Universal Accessibility

Universal accessibility via the cloud facilitates seamless communication and workflows, empowering healthcare professionals to collaborate effectively across locations and devices. It streamlines information sharing, promotes real-time collaboration, and enhances decision-making agility, driving operational efficiency and responsiveness in dynamic healthcare environments.