TigernixTMS - Training Management System

TigernixTMS is an all-inclusive Training Management Software that is compliant with SSG systems with TPGateway (TPG) integration. It is a training management platform that facilitates your training centres to mould skilled workforces to sky-rocket corporate ROI with the best API integrations to link to trainee-oriented SSG systems.

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About TigernixTMS - Training Management System

Keeping and maintaining individual records of hundreds of students, tracking their attendance and progress, managing costs and calculating your income is a lot of work that can overwhelm you, easily decreasing the productivity of your training centre.

Being one of the best training management software available in the market, TigernixTMS delivers solutions to all your training management challenges.

TigernixTMS fulfils all TMS integration requirements by eliminating SSL CBC Cipher Suites that weakens the integration between SSG’s Training Partners Gateway system. It is upgraded with the future-friendly APIs, microservices and schemas required to update your trainee contact details and monitor SSG-WSG (Workforce Singapore) dashboards. TigernixTMS’ API subscriptions are verified and approved by the SSG with optimal veracity and resilience.

This integration improves the efficiency and connectivity of Singapore’s Training and Adult Education (TAE) Industry. It supports all businesses to facilitate grant disbursement and administration in a faster, more innovative manner. This solution employs APIs and microservices that directly link to the Training Partners Gateway to centralise your trainees’ data like their achievements, skills, assessment, and enrol them on courses and programs based on their growth requirements.

This solution meets all the integration requirements to avoid delays and disruption when accessing training grants, assessing trainee skill developments and retrieving OpenCerts of trainees from their Skills Passport plus other updated career records. Therefore, your training centre too can ensure hassle-free training programs to have a better training service delivery and course offerings based on desired trainee achievements.

Furthermore, it streamlines and simplifies, and speeds up your TMS processes, eliminates inefficiencies and saves more time and money. With our software, you can gain better efficiency in performing your daily tasks and improve the productivity of your trainees.

Our software design is user-friendly and flexible, which means your trainees will find it easy to adapt to the new software, and you’ll have the ability to customise TigernixTMS according to the unique requirements of your training centre without a hassle.

Transitioning your time consuming manual training management system to a digital training management system, TigernixTMS delivers you effective solutions in training scheduling, planning, administrating, reporting and more.

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Following features are included in Training Management System:

TigernixTMS Features

Offering you the latest and most effective training management solutions, TigernixTMS exceeds user’s expectations with its extensive range of modules that are highly customisable regardless of the size of their training center. Here we have listed a few of the beneficial modules that can take your training center to the next level.

Seamlessly Synchronise with TPGateway (TPG) APIs
Use APIs that integrate courses, programmes for Individuals, skills and resources offered by TPGateway to connect trainees with the most apt trainee development programs. A few of the microservices that support TigernixTMS as per the main TPGateway product sectors are given below.

    • Courses – Course APIs offer information about training courses and desired outcomes that facilitate your target trainees. This API set offers Course, Course Feedback, Training Providers information. This makes your course run planning activities smarter and easier. 
    • Programmes for Individual – TigernixTMS is equipped with APIs that allows the user to browse programs, grants, awards, and other digital services for individuals including Grant Calculator, SkillsFuture Credit Pay, Enrolment and Assessments.
    • Skills – Use Skills API set to effortlessly extract data about your trainees’ certificates, licences, skills and academic achievements within a split second. You can access the Skills Passport, Assessments, and Individual Skills related APIs for this. 
    • Resources – TPGateway APIs integrated to TigernixTMS also allow a single source of truth with a centralised hub that allows access to information about employment opportunities, career guides, skills and industrial demands to guide trainees. It enables APIs such as Skills Framework and MySkillsFuture Resources, Articles and Events APIs.
SSG Skills Passport Ready
Retrieve your trainee qualifications, skills, transcripts, licensees and other academic and professional profile data via a standardised, faster and automated process by integrating your trainee profiles with the Skills Passport API. It allows you to:
    • delete and upload open certificates,
    • Retrieve SSEC-EQA information,
    • retrieve an trainee’s testimonial and achievement data, and 
    • autocomplete licences by keying in keywords. 
Trainee Management 

Simplifying processes in trainee management and administration the software results you an effortless trainee management system.

Registration Management
Speed up the registration process reducing the complications in trainee registrations.

Fee / Finance Management
Automating the payment processes and effectively tracking records including payment history, it improves the efficiency of  managing payments.

Examination Management
Easily perform examination tasks including scheduling exams, producing examination papers, grading and evaluating examination results and more.

HR Management
Enables you to view all the details of employees and trainees individually, ensuring data security.

Course Management
Provide a web-based environment for your course interactions and administration, reducing the number of day-to-day manual tasks and management process errors.

Classroom Management / Timetable Management
Offer real-time updates on viewing forthcoming calendar events, managing course durations, class and meeting schedules accurately.

Online Trainee Portal
Provide real-time collaboration opportunities enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning and teaching process.

Feedback / Survey Management
Allows you to collect accurate data on other’s opinions with simple feedback and surveying systems.

Inventory Management
Manage your course materials, books, handouts and other products related to the courses effectively.

Purchase Management
Effectively manage your essential product buying process including course materials and teaching aids purchases by simplifying and automating all the transactions.

Reports and analytics
Helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business and your trainees by analysing data and records of your income, project costs, trainee attendance and more.

Why is TigernixTMS the right choice for you?

The software offers you the best solutions for your complicated and time-consuming training management processes, helping you to cut down your budget in many areas and increasing the productivity of your training center.

It cut down costs and enhance your institution’s efficiency. But how?

Here’s how:

Instant data access. 
-TigernixTMS gives you quick access any data, anytime, anyplace. 

Improve the safety of data 
-Allowing only authorised people access data, the system provides a safer platform and tactics in training information management. 

Reduce costs 
-It minimises wastes in many areas and helps you cut down expenses and save more money.

Streamline your training process
-TigernixTMS streamlines your entire training management process saving time and enables your employees to perform daily tasks easily and more productively.

Enhance the visibility of training process
-Automating the whole TMS, the software improves the visibility in tracking income, managing students and more.

Know your Trainees Better
-Employ Skills Passport APIs to extract trainee-specific data like academic records, certifications, licences, skills and capabilities and gain verified insights into your trainees’ potentials within a split second

Be constantly compliant with TPGateway 
-Gain the best operational efficiency in administering your training processes by eliminating manual data duplication, autonomous reports and centralised data repository on a one-stop, API-friendly TPGateway-friendly platform