TigernixDonation is a professional donation management application that makes fundraising easier, faster and effortless with premium features and interactive dashboards. Employ this end-to-end solution to engage with existing donors meaningfully and unplug the streamlining donor inquiries for your non-profit centre today.

About Donation Management App

Did you know that donors are the lifeblood of non-profit centres, and cutting-edge donor engagement is the key to boosting your donor retention rates? Tigernix explored the challenges faced by donor-oriented organisations in Singapore and tailored this Tigernix Donation Management App to take down all barriers blocking your donor management functions.

Bloating Your Donor Base

TigernixDonation has proven to maximise your donor base by boosting their interest in your altruistic efforts. Resonate your cause by planning and hosting donor-attracting campaigns via the app and collect more benefactors.

Create An Impact

This app is developed to respond to the momentum of your non-profit organisation. It tracks and evaluates all tasks and projects, allowing the key decision-makers of your non-profit centre, association, church or NGO to evaluate organisational goals under one screen.

Cross-country Outreach

It allows operations managers to study trends and behaviours of donors to produce a systematic outreach, inviting donors from all nooks and corners in your town, city or country. The KPI tracking tools will announce the donor responses allowing you to study your donors better than ever.

Donor Analytics System

Take a more data-driven route to evaluate your donor engagement patterns and understand the demographics of your target donors by employing analytics dashboards that capture your donors’ interests and behaviours straightforwardly.

More Donors Fewer Papers

Most non-profit centres are struggling with document management but not with TigernixDonation. It allows your members and team players to manage donations using a paperless system powered by integration, automation and user-friendliness.

Personalised to Your Demands

The app facilitates all sources of non-profit centres- spanning from non-profit services provided for the elderly, environment, facilities, social care, animals, children, heritage, sports, religion and many other communities that require your help.

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Donation Management App Features

TigernixDonation is a simple yet powerful fundraising app that helps non-profit organisations to manage integrations, online forms, host fundraising campaigns, attract donors, manage donor information and automate repetitive tasks under one screen. Explore the most attractive features of this unchallenged Donation Management App to learn how we create the perfect donation experiences for your donors and members here.

Analytics and Reporting

Integrate your TigernixDonation with all other data sources like CRMs, ERPs, websites, data repositories, forums, on-premises systems and more to ensure your analytical and reporting conveniences are fulfilled with updated data.

Donation Categories

Customise and configure the domination categories that your donors can select from to contribute to your cause in any way they can. Enabling multiple categories can help all your donors to engage while helping you manage more easily.

Donation History and Receipts

Ensure the sensitive and confidential information about your donation histories, anonymous benefactor information and other financial information are safeguarded and privatised by the most-secure protocols of the TigernixDonation.

Donation Tracking

Track and trace all donation operations to make sure that the donation-centric data flows of donor funding behaviours, daily or monthly fundraising trends, and specific donor contributions are managed in a well-systemised manner.

Fundraising Campaigns

Manage auctions and fundraising campaigns efficiently using the app's Fundraising Campaign module. Allow donors to send a simple text message to donate, customise campaigns for recurring gifts, manage event ticketing and more.

Volunteer Opportunities

Non-profit centres can highlight volunteer opportunities, schedules, and roles. This encourages participation from supporters, builds a feeling of community, and increases the effect of the establishment's work thanks to the contributions of devoted volunteers.

Search and Discovery

TigernixDonation's Search and Discovery functionality makes it simple for contributors to locate particular campaigns or causes that are in line with their interests. This facilitates a user-friendly experience and encourages more significant and targeted donations to further the non-profit centre's purpose.

Social Sharing

With the help of TigernixDonation's social sharing tool, contributors can easily share donation campaigns and progress on social media platforms, amplifying the organisation's message and reaching a larger audience, thereby generating additional support and contributions.

Notifications and Reminders

TigernixDonation offers automated notifications and reminders to keep donors informed about events, campaigns, and forthcoming activities, promoting prompt contributions to support the non-profit centre's mission and boosting donor engagement.

Payment Integration

The payment integration feature easily combines secure payment gateways, enabling non-profit organisations to accept several payment methods, guaranteeing simple and secure transactions for contributors, building trust and inspiring additional donations.

Personalisation and Preferences

By addressing their unique interests and preferences, the Personalization and Preferences elements of the TigernixDonation enable non-profit organisations to customise communication and donation appeals to individual contributors, boosting engagement and connection and encouraging long-term support.

User Registration and Authentication

Guarantees safe and simple account creation for donors, enabling tailored interactions, recording donation history, and protecting sensitive information, while also establishing trust and long-lasting relationships with supporters via the donation management app.

Offline Mode

Tigenrix’s donation management app's offline mode guarantees continuous operation even without an internet connection, enabling nonprofit organisations to accept donations and access vital data in off-the-grid locations or during network outages, improving operational effectiveness.

Multi-language Support

TigernixDonation offers multi-language support, facilitating seamless communication with donors worldwide, promoting inclusivity, and expanding the non-profit centre's reach across diverse language communities, overcoming language barriers for the good of society.

Why Donation Management App?

TigernixDonation is a full-scale donation management app accessible by any mobile device to help you raise more for your non-profit centre’s cause. It houses an array of customisable and embeddable tools to help you meet goals and objectives in a fast, success-guaranteed and confidential manner. Here are some of the benefits enabled by this app if you cannot miss:

One-to-all Solution

It facilitates donation-centric establishments, including non-profit centres, churches, NGOs, societies, associations, homes, care centres, rehabilitation camps, hospitals, and other institutions with non-profit motives.

Enhance Donor Engagement

Improve giving behaviours, inspire more people to support the cause in the present, and simplify and streamline dynamic donation procedures by providing donors with an intuitive interface that makes it simple for them to make contributions.

Boost Fundraising Effectiveness

Tracking campaigns, donor behaviour, and overall fundraising progress with fundraising tools and analytics. They may uncover effective tactics and enhance their fundraising efforts with the help of this data-driven strategy.

Easy Documentation

A powerful donor management app that enables nonprofits to keep an extensive database of donors. Understanding donor preferences, prior giving trends, and segmentation for focused fundraising efforts can all be aided by this data.

Country to Global Outreach

With the use of the TigernixDonation, nonprofits may connect with donors worldwide from any location with an internet connection. Organisations with a global mission or those operating internationally may find this enhanced reach particularly beneficial.

Augmented for Your Cause

TigernixDonation could be modified to meet the particular requirements of each nonprofit organisation. It might give designers more freedom when creating contribution campaigns, deciding on donation tiers, and customising the user experience.

Cut down Costs

When opposed to managing different software solutions for various duties, using the TigernixDonation may be more cost-effective in the long run. It reduces administrative costs by combining functionalities onto a single platform.

Secure Data Storage

To protect privacy, uphold donor confidence, and comply with regulations, Secure Data Storage ensures that all donor data, financial records, and sensitive data are stored with strong encryption and compliance procedures.