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Allow TigernixFAS- the top Financial Assistance Scheme System to be ever introduced to Singapore- to manage your assistive scheme set-ups and find eligible fund recipients easily.
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About TigernixFAS - Financial Assistance Scheme System

When you are in a mission serving an important purpose or a noble cause or need, you deserve tools that enable you to connect, collaborate, organize and operate better-And let you excel at the impact you are making. Whether you are a government agency, non-profit organization or an educational institute, TigernixFAS can redefine the way you manage your financial assistance schemes. Be it a subsidies program, bursary or a grant, TigernixFAS enables you to manage all from a single dashboard.

Some of our happy customers

TigernixFAS comes in 4 main modules to help you tackle various types of financial schemes in one platform.

The one and only of its kind

TigernixFAS is the only financial assistance scheme management system in the market that allows you to manage your financial assistance schemes, from application calling to reporting to board members and other stakeholders with more efficiency and accuracy. Comes with a suite of tools and applications to help you manage all your financial schemes our software solution let you simplify your processes and speed up the workflow taking the hassle out of financial assistance scheme management.

TigernixFAS has developed with cutting edge technology to deliver you a state-of-the-art financial assistant scheme management solution. And it helps you make managing financial schemes less of a headache so you and your team can serve your noble purpose with more enthusiasm.

Manage all sorts of financial assistance scheme in one software

From financial subsidies management, grant management, bursary management to donation management, TigernixFAS can handle it all, delivering many benefits to your organization.

With our solution, you can have a better path than managing endless spreadsheets, reviewing thousands of applications and hundreds of CC’d emails back and forth. It makes managing financial assistance scheme management simple and easy and delivers you a single solution so you can manage everything from one place from applications, accounting, audits to progress. Never stress about collecting, reviewing, scoring or ranking applications as the software will handle all on your behalf.

To put in simple words, the solution allows you to manage all management operations of your financial scheme program without leaving the platform.

TigernixFAS, brings modern online efficiency

Efficient operations, resource consumption and cash management are three factors that are essential to ensure the ongoing success of any financial scheme. Yet achieving efficiency in all these areas is never an easy task. Now with TigernixFAS, you are able to improve the efficiency of processes and operations in your organization to reach your goals easier than ever before.

Automating your processes and digitalizing your data, the system will enable you to speed up the workflow while reducing errors and misinformation. It will update you with real-time data, making collaborations between teams efficient while delivering effective communication methods to communicate with applicants, donors, reviewers, volunteers and other essential parties involved in your program.

Flexible, scalable and mobile

When you have a cutting edge financial scheme management software solution like TigernixFAS by your side, you are guaranteed flexibility, scalability and mobility. Whether you want to expand your member base, expand your scheme to another city, state or country or introduce a new scheme, our solution will enable you to scale up your organization or programs painlessly.

Developed to deliver you ultimate flexibility, our solution allows easy and simple customization in all the tools and applications comes with the software. With TigernixFAS, you can access any information of your applicants, donors and volunteers from anywhere anytime enabling you to operate regardless of where you are or your team members are.

Easy to use interface

Like all the other Tigernix solutions, TigernixFAS also has developed, keeping the end-user in mind. It’s clean, clear and easy-to-use. It let you store, view, organize and analyze data quickly within seconds. It also comes with many data filtering options to help you sort out your applicants, donors and volunteers easily.

The visual dashboard feature of the software will make it easy to view data. At the same time, the report generation function will enable you to automate the report generation process saving you the time and the hassle. It will also help you keep an eye on the critical KPI’s and data points in one place you need to monitor every day. TigernixFAS also comes with a role-based permission feature to ensure the security of your sensitive data.

Gives you peace of mind

Managing a financial assistance scheme is never an easy task. From raising and managing funds to ensuring funds are delivered to the right prospects, keeping track of your processes and transactions and keeping them organized is never easy. With TigernixFAS, you can enjoy peace of mind no matter how complex and big your scheme is as it will automate operations, delivering you better visibility over your program.

So, you can manage and monitor everything right from your screen.

Why TigernixFAS is for you?

Does your government agency, a non-profit organization, educational institute looking for easier ways to manage your financial scheme programs? Do you too want to focus more on serving more and enhance the impact you are making in the community than having to worry about getting done backend operations?

Then, TigernixFAS is the best financial assistance scheme management solution. Get in touch today to request a free demo.

TigernixFAS Features

When you are working for a noble cause to make a positive impact in the society, you deserve the best technology that enables you to reach your full potential with ease- which is why Tigernix, the leading enterprise software solution provider has developed TigernixFAS just to help you overcome challenges in financial assistance scheme management.

Suited for government agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutes, the system is an all-in-one solution to manage financial schemes easier than ever before. Taking the hassle out of managing financial scheme programs, it ensures you better speed, efficiency and data accuracy, delivering your prospect a better service.

Below are some of the core modules and functions of TigernixFAS.

Financial Assistance Scheme

Managing any Financial Assistance program demands, so much time and effort regardless of the type of the financial scheme program you offer. Whether you are a government agency, non-profit organization or an educational institute, a reliable digital solution can take your processes to the next level.

TigernixFAS, the newest addition to the Tigernix product portfolio, has developed especially to help organizations handle financial assistance schemes with more ease and efficiency. Designed to deliver the benefits of automation to financial scheme program management, the system comes with many modules and functions to help tackle the day to day as well as short term and long term processors of financial scheme management.

Comes with an easy-to-use interface with the easy navigation options, our solution ensures a simplified way of managing your financial scheme program enabling you to expand the impact you are making without having to worry about behind the scene operations.

Sub Modules & Features
Financial Subsidies

The financial subsidies management module of TigernixFAS ensures you a fast and effective way of managing your subsidies, delivering you more peace of mind. Comes with a list of features and functions developed to help you tackle real-life subsidies management challenges the module will enable you to manage your financial subsidies with more ease.

Regardless of the type of the subsidy program you offer, the module will help you with applications, payment to auditing through automation. It will speed up your operations, reducing manual errors while giving you better visibility over your program. With a user-friendly interface, comprehensive reporting tools, online payment options, bulk payment processing capabilities and more, the module will help you transform how you manage subsidies for better.

  • Application management
  • Online application submission
  • Evaluation management
  • Payment management
  • Bill management
  • Verification of applications
  • Online application process
  • Status tracking
  • Reports generation
  • Online portal
  • SMS alerts module
  • Dashboards
Grant Management

The grant management module of TigernixFAS ensures applicants, evaluators, and managers peace of mind delivering a fast, secure and effective management solutions taking the hassle out of processors.

Helping you make the right decisions in grantmaking, with effective application evaluating tools the module allows you to have better control and visibility over your program. The module that comes with many useful functions will streamline your processes from application calling, reviewing to tracking and performing payments with increased security. Updating your database with real-time information, it will enable you to perform real-time evaluations, thus speeding up your application processes. The module will also come with functions to perform bulk data transfers and bulk payment processing.

  • Application evaluation management
  • Grant distribution management
  • Online application submission
  • Payment management
  • Bill management
  • Verification of applications
  • Online application process
  • Status tracking
  • Reports generation
  • Online portal
  • SMS alerts module
  • Dashboards
Bursary Management

Bursary management module of TigernixFAS enables educational institutes to bridge the gap between education and the world of work with more efficiency through automation. Comes with a myriad of features, the module will handle all your bursary functions and processes on your behalf, reducing your staff the manual workload in a great deal.

The module will help speed up the processes form application calling, reviewing to reporting, enabling your program to help more and more students to receive bursary funding. When you have TigernixFAS Bursary module implemented in your organization, you will be easily able to go through more applications with a lesser time automating the payment to increase speed and efficiency. It will also help you store your data in a centralized hub assuring you better collaboration opportunities between your team.

  • Online applications
  • Applicants management
  • Beneficiary management
  • Bursary funds management
  • Notifications management: email and SMS
Donation Management

Donation management module of TigernixFAS has developed especially to help you overcome the struggles you experience in managing your donations in your non-profit organization. No matter the size of your organization or how complex your donation program is, the module can help you tackle your operations and processes, bringing more efficiency and accuracy. From donation management, event management, fund-raising to volunteers and more the functions of the module will automate processes to speed up everything.

It will enable online donation campaigns while helping you digitally store, organize and monitor your data allowing you to have better visibility over your nonprofit. Improving communication between donors, employees and departments, the module will enable you to deliver a better service experience and achieve a smooth workflow

  • Donor management
  • User-level management
  • Payment management
  • Event management
  • Email and notification system
  • Beneficiary management
Contact Management

The system comes with a stakeholder contact database, that enables you to store all your data in a centralized online portal. It will allow you to manage detailed profiles of your prospects, donors, students, alumni, beneficiaries and staff so that you can manage your information requirements more efficiently. Thus, it will enable you to find and update any contact easily. It also comes with different filter options to view contacts by date, event, program and more.


Offering you a number of communications channels inbuilt in the software, TigernixFAS will take communication between stakeholders to the next level. With the ability to effectively adapt to your approach to communication and your target audience’s communication preferences, the system will streamline your communication. Comes with customizable email templates, SMS notification system and event and campaign communication tools, the system will simplify communication within your program, thus giving you more time to focus on other key activities.

Workflow Management

With cutting edge features that enable you to streamline your workflow via automation, it will map key milestones as touchpoints to system driven interventions. Thus helping your teams collaborate easily while sending effective notifications to relevant parties for confirmations, updates and report progress. With this, you will be able to avoid delays and quickly identify where is the lag, if there is any. From application management, Fundraising campaigns, Donor stewardship, Club membership, Scheme Cycle to Reporting, the module will ensure better workflow with improved efficiency and accuracy.

Report Management

The comprehensive reporting tool of TigernixFAS simplifies your report generation process than ever before. With powerful filters and segmenting features, it will automatically generate tailored reports using demographics, payments, dates, events and more. From performance reports of your employees to progress reports on your financial assistance scheme, the system ensures fast and easy report generation solution saving you time, money and hassle. It will allow you to segment your email list to make sure your reports are reaching just the right audience every time.

Document Management

Managing documents effectively is essential to long term success of any type of financial scheme. TigernixFAS features a module dedicated only for document management to help you tackle your everyday challenges in document management. With our system, you can store all your document and attachments in a centralized database which comes with features to set role-based access to records. The system supports a number of file types and will help you organize your documents better with classifying and standardizing document naming system.

Financial Management

Enabling you to monitor, manage and perform payments, claims and donations online, Financial Management Module of TigernixFAS let you have all your financial records in one place. The system will allow you to integrate your scheme program with your accounting department to streamline your workflow. Comes with a batch processing feature, TigernixFAS ensures hassle-free payment processing regardless of the size of your scheme.

The system only uses secure lines to perform a transaction, thus ensuring the security of your prospects’ details. It will also help you with taxing and budgeting saving time of your accounting team.


TigernixFAS effectively connect administration, finance and communication systems allowing you to manage everything from one system. It will handle everything from application forms, application collection, memberships management, payment and claim handling, reporting to notification systems.

The system will bring all the teams involved in the project together, speeding up operations while improving the efficiency and accuracy of your program.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about TigernixFAS. Let’s transform how you manage your financial assistance scheme management for better.

Why is TigernixFAS the right choice for you?

Managing a financial assistance scheme requires a lot of time and attention. And you can’t afford to have mismanaged funding, budget uncertainties and failures of complying with the scheme requirements which will affect your organization’s funding and reputation negatively-Which is why you need a trusted financial assistance scheme management software, like TigernixFAS on your team to ensure efficiency, accuracy and speed. Below are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you have TigernixFAS implemented in your organization.

Centralized system administration

TigernixFAS provides a centralized system allowing you to manage the entire lifecycle of your financial scheme from one place. Data will be stored in one centralized hub which different teams involved in the program can access easily to collaborate effectively. With this, keeping track of various activities related to mitigating financial risks and reducing audit findings will be easy.

It will also enable you to manage all the activities and processes related to managing your scheme more effectively with more speed.

Saves time and costs

With TigernixFAS at your fingertip, you can store all your data digitally, organize and analyze data effectively, reduce errors, keep track of your expenses, get real-time data updates, view any data related to any applicant, donor or volunteer.

Thus you will save a significant amount of time which usually spend on managing spreadsheets and manually reviewing applicant forms.

It will also save the time of your applicants, donors, volunteers and other stakeholders, as the system offers an online solution which they can access anywhere anytime.

Standardized data collection

The era of filling spreadsheets to keep track of your applicants’, donors’ or volunteers’ information and maintaining racks and racks of files filled with printed documents are long gone. In this digital age, it is essential that you embrace digital technology to store data in your organization to deliver better service, on top of all, to make things simple and easy for your staff.

With TigernixFAS, you will be able to collect data digitally online, making applying for your programs simple and easy for applicants as well as for applicant reviewers. It also comes with a number of tools to help you collect data and records of your program.

Automate report generation

When you have TigernixFAS by your side, you don’t have to spend hours and hours combing through your files, collecting, sorting and analyzing data. TigernixFAS comes with comprehensive report generation tools that allows you to get reports with a few clicks.

Improve transparency

TigernixFAS will digitally store all your data enabling you to filter them, analyze them and view them easily from your digital screen, thus giving you better visibility over the activities, processes and operations of your financial scheme program. The system will make it easy for you to share reports will all the necessary personnel involved in the process with a single click.

Better organization

Comes with many data filtering options and applications to help you organize the data you collect, TigernixFAS enable you to be more organized as a program. With this, you will be able to deliver better service to your prospects while improving the image of your organization.