Brand Guide

The story behind our logo summates the goals and qualities of our team. Learn how our logo symbolises the sophisticated services that we are dedicated in providing for you through our solutions.
// A guide to how to use Tigernix brand

Our logo story

Bold, confident, fierce, and a supreme master, the tiger is undoubtedly known for its regal beauty and ultimate presence. The tiger is also known as the king of beasts, not only because it is believed that the Chinese character “王” (means the “the king”) is seen on its forehead, but also because it’s the symbol of power and courage. Our logo, the raring tiger, symbolizes all of its characteristics and specifically precision, confidence, and clear focus. We, at Tigernix, set our goals right and have a laser sharp focus on achieving them. Our solutions are new age, bold, and confident, and at the same time, our services are focussed, clear, and result oriented. We’re raring to go, to help you see beyond the success you dreamed of!
Tigernix Logo JPG
To download the logo: For downloading the image on the web, right-click on the logo, select Save Picture As and save it to a local folder. The image will be saved as ‘tigernix_final_150.jpg’.

What our logo colours mean

Our Tigernix logo is of course the colour of the Tiger with a predominant note of black. Orange denotes creativity, success, and determination; black symbolizes power, strength, and authority; white combines all of this with its strong positivity and perfection.

Appropriate logo usage

If you would like to use Tigernix logo on your website or for print, please contact Tigernix at +65-6760 6647 or +(65) 6760 6012 or email for approval before downloading the logo. If you display Tigernix logo on your website, you must have an active link to our website at

Kindly refrain from altering our logo in any manner, including size, colours or any other elements.