TigernixBI - Business Intelligence System With Real-Time Data Analytics

TigernixBI, the most opportune Tigernix digital solution to clutch on to noteworthy business intelligence conveniently and cursorily promote your competitive advantage better.
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About TigernixBI

Businesses are entering a new era where data gives all the competitive advantage. With the proliferation of technology, Business Intelligence has become a key driver in day-to-day business operations and the decision-making process. Introducing TigernixBI- all-in-one business analysis software solution that helps you create a data-driven business culture in your organization for lowered risk and increased profits.

TigernixBI- The best in the class analytics platform

Comprised of many sophisticated features to gather, store, access, and analyze data, the software will enable you to listen to what your data has to tell you. From insights into consumer behaviour, market trends to forecasts to informed decisions, TigernixBI will offer you many benefits that will take your business to the next level.

Singapore Real-time Business Intelligence System
Harness the power of data

Utilize every data you collect across all platforms integrating and cross analyzing data to build meaningful stories that will help you in the decision-making process. TigernixBI has the power to help you process massive volumes of data of any sort and provide you with meaningful insights.

Answers to question you never thought to exist

With the capability to process complex algorithms, the system will help you find answers you can count on related to your customers, products, marketing, and sales and more while unveiling issues that you never thought to exist.

Making your data journey effortless

Source, integrate, prep, organize and analyze data easier than ever before with TigernixBI and give your data processing journey new meanings. Changing the way, you think about data, the software will help you discover new opportunities, risks and valuable insights.

Up-to-the-minute analytics for business decision making

The advanced analytical tools the system features will offer you multiple solutions that will help you with your business decision-making process. With this, you will be able to make business decisions with much more confidence as the system makes it easy to analyze and visualize data you collect telling you important stories.

Singapore Real-time Business Intelligence System
AI for yourself

One of the main highlights of TigernixBI is its artificial intelligence that will think and work just like a human and even better- a superhuman, helping you process all your data for you. It will help you go through all the data you collect fast and effectively while adapting and improving to ensures that the next prescribed decision is better than the previous.

Cutting edge tools for strong results

Comes with many tools and functions, including ranking reports, executive dashboards, geospatial mapping, pivot tables and Ad-Hoc reports and more TigernixBI is your trusted data analyst that will help you break down data into manageable insights regardless of the volume of data you deal with.  It’s easily customizable and easy-to-use and will offer you hassle-free customizations to fit your business and industry requirements. Get in touch with us today to learn more about TigernixBI and schedule a free demo.

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TigernixBI Features

Unleash the full potential of your business data to empower your business operations customer experience and profits. Harness the power of data with a cutting-edge Business Intelligence software that has created powerful data-driven business cultures in organizations of all sizes, across many industries.

Comes with many advanced tools and applications our TigernixBI is the one-and-only analytical platform you will ever need to process, sort, organize, analyze your data and predict future trends to steer your business towards your next business goal.

Below are some of the key functions of TigernixBI that will help you narrate the data you collect in a meaningful manner to make business decisions with more confidence and low risks involved.

Data sourcing

With TigernixBI, you can simply drag and drop your data across all platforms. Whether it’s from on-premises servers, private and public clouds, the system makes data sourcing simple as a few clicks. Since it supports many data source including SQL server, flat files, .json files, and even big data sources you could easily integrate all your data from utilizing data from across all platforms from excel file to a high-speed stock exchange data.

Data visualization

Find meaningful insights easily with the hundreds of inbuilt data visualization tools. TigernixBI enables you to explore, interpret and digest data patterns and insights swiftly and effectively, so you could understand what your data is telling you at a glance. All the data visualization tools are capable of cross-platform data access and of updating data in real-time, always assuring you the latest updates. Plus, with the specific user and viewer function, you are able to share and let access to relevant teams and stakeholders.

Schedules and alert management

When you are collecting data from many channels, it’s not always easy to manually make sure every data avenue is feed to the analytics platform for data processing. With TigernixBI you can easily set schedules to refresh your data feeds from different data channels regularly. The data alert function will inform you adequately of anomalies, low performances, outliers, suspicious patterns and much more. So, you can put data monitoring on autopilot without spending hours keeping a close eye on your data.


Once TigernixBI is adopted in your organization, you get a super analyst for yourself who will be there for you 24/7 operating at full capacity. Comes with cutting-edge analytical tools the software will handle everything from data prepping, analyzing to sharing. Making your data analytical journey simple and easy, the function will help you analyze your data through sophisticated algorithms and offer valuable insights as well as hidden meanings and find answers to questions you never thought you had. Gauge your risks and rewards backed by reliable data to navigate your business towards success.

Integrative dashboards

For any data to interpret, dashboards need to be clean and clear- which is why TigernixBI comes with a custom dashboard function. The function allows you to drag and drop charts and graphs you require to monitor continually so you only have what you need to monitor without any unnecessary clutter. With these different dashboards such as executive dashboards, employees can easily create their own dashboards to fit their job role responsibilities from APIs, summaries and reports.

Reporting tools

Condense, sort, process, analyze, filter, organize and present massive volumes of data with ease. Comprehensive reporting tool of TigernixBI will take your report generation process to the next level. It will help you generate in-depth reports quickly and effortlessly in no time.

Business intelligence

Comes with artificial intelligence built to think, learn, plan, decide and work to resolve any issue similar to human brains do the software provide your business with an intelligence that has enormous capacity.

Why is TigernixBI the right choice for you?

In modern-day business landscape, every business collects data of all types. Yet only a few get the best use out of the data they collect. But with the advances in cognitive computing and AI, now you too can efficiently process all the data you are receiving and use them to improve your bottom line in many ways. TigernixBI is a comprehensive Business Intelligence software that enables you to achieve unbelievable results by listening to what your data has to say.

The software can deliver you many benefits allowing you to make business decisions backed by solid data. The special functions, tools and features of the system will transform your business data into simple, accurate and real-time narratives and reports showing you the stories your data is trying to tell you.

Integrate and discover data on many platforms.

Find hidden patterns and meanings of data. Create and share interactive and in-depth reports. Monitor key metrics with ease. And live in the highlights of your business anytime, anywhere. All these things are only a click away when you have TigernixBI intelligence implemented in your organization.

Tell you important stories about your business

The special tools and applications of the system will help you connect the dots between data collected over different channels over different periods of time, providing you with useful insights and deriving the hidden meanings behind your business data. So, you will always have clear reasons for what is happening and why it is happening.

Latest Business analytics

Comes with advance analytical tools, TigernixBI offers you incredible data processing capabilities regardless of the load of data you deal with every day or the number of data channels. Helping you analyze massive volumes of data in real-time the system will allow you to get the most out of the data you collect for the business’s decision-making process.

Data analytics in real-time across multiple data sources.

TigernixBI has developed to source data from multiple platforms simultaneously including from different clouds, databases and data warehouses…etc. You can easily integrate all the data sources and automate the data sourcing process; thus, you won’t have to manually monitor or inspect to check for the latest data updates of different channels.

AI that thinks for itself

The AI feature of TigernixBI offers you many AI models that will help you improve the quality of your data, thereby helping you identify the best analytical models that give you the most helpful information and data stories that your business can benefit from. This will improve the efficiency of business processes and deliver amazing results.

Data alerts

Learn effectively about performance issues, anomalies, and much more with the data alert function of TigernixBI. It will automatically notify you of different data patterns continually monitoring your data, so you don’t have to, thus ensuring you smooth data management all the time.