Top 10 issues faced by school administrators

The education system, schools, and students have been drastically changed over the last decade due to many factors. Issues and challenges 21st-century school administrators are dealing with are much more complex than making up parents’ minds to send their child to school – the biggest challenge school administrators had to face back then. 

Today, the struggle has become much more than maintaining good attendance and good grades. Below are some of the latest issues faced up by the school administrators of modern days.

Top 10 issues faced by school administrators

1. Making decisions strategically
The School administration is the centre of managing and controlling a school body and its activities. Hence, school administrators are responsible personalities to overlook the discipline, making schedules, managing academic staff etc. So, it all falls on administrator’s shoulders to make sure the strategic decision is taken not just for today’s success but to survive the competition in the long run while meeting the expectations of parents, funders, and donors. 

2. Recruitment of academic staff
Recruiting capable and qualified teachers to teach to a whole population of students is also another highlighted issue faced by the school administrators. Unlike in the past, the new technology helps to track down the most competent teachers out of a whole pool of applications, but still, the competition in the field of education makes it difficult to have a healthy recruiting process. 

3. The discipline of the students 
The modern-day students are raised in a completely different from the world administrators grew up in. So, it’s important that administrators try to understand where modern students are coming from in each situation.

4. Lack of attendance
Attendance of students is drastically dropping due to many reasons. Some of these reasons are mostly unreachable by the school administrators, so even if the school administrators have a solution they are helpless as it is out of their control.

5. Staff retention
The latest trend in the field of education is moving towards smaller size classes. But with the retention of competent teachers school administrators are struggling to find capable teachers to tutor to the next generation of students.

6. Lessening in the involvement of parents
Most of the parents do not have enough time to pay attention to their children’s education life due to their busy life schedules providing for their family. This has become a major issue that school administrators are facing. 

7. The uncertainty of student outcome
All the school administrators want a higher rate in student achievement, as it is a driving factor to attract more students. But the uncertainty in the outcome of student achievement is an uncontrollable issue faced by school administrators nowadays.

8. High cost in maintenance and operations
Maintaining a school or an education centre is a huge challenge today for many administrators- Especially with the high cost of maintenance and the costs need to be undertaken when adopting new trends which can be extremely expensive.

9. Technology
Technology plays a huge roll in all the latest trends in modern society and the field of education is no exception. But technology is not many school administrators’ strong suit and this has made it a real challenge for them to identify what and when they should adopt technology to improve performance. 

10. Designing the 21st-century curriculum
Another challenge faced by the school administrators is re-creating the school curriculum to suits to prepare students for life and work in the 21st century.

These are just 10 issues of the many school administrators deal with every day which they need to find solutions immediately too if they want to survive in the industry.