What are the most valuable features of your warehouse management system(WMS)?

Today, you find many vendors selling WMS systems. Yet, only a few offer the advanced features to take your warehouse from regular to amazing. 

This is why many business organization feels exhausted right after they started their search for a good warehouse management system as they don’t have a clear idea of what directions to look for? What features help you maximize your warehouse managing processes and ultimately impact on improving customer satisfaction? 

Thus, we put together a list of 10 most valuable features of a warehouse management system to help you go for your WMS hunt with much more confidence. 

Picking management
Offering you a range of picking techniques, advanced picking management feature of a warehouse management system can help you improve the efficiency of your warehouse in a great deal. 

The feature will guide you through effective picking paths, enables you with paperless order picking and more.   

Receiving management  
This feature will automate your receiving management process, allowing you to fulfill orders accurately and swiftly. The result is fast deliveries and happy customers.  

Cycle Counting and Planning
Another valuable feature of a WMS software is the cycle counting and planning module, that helps you with your regular inventory audits which usually takes weeks maybe even months to do with a click of a button. 

Front Counter
This feature can shorten the time a customer has to wait at the front desk during a purchase, as you can check the availability of the product, location and even create a priority order picking for the item within seconds.  

Lot Control
Controlling you lots is a lot of work… Tracking all the batches of items to make sure which was received, currently stored and shipped from the warehouse takes time and effort. 

This feature that facilitates you with easy lot tracking will help you keep track of all your lots without any hassle. 

Serial Number Tracking
When the serial number tracking feature, helps you assign individual serial numbers to all the items you receive, and then track that serial number across warehouses and shipments… you cannot complete the list of valuable features a good WMS should have without this one. 

Slotting Optimization
Monitoring the velocity of each item is important in identifying patterns and future trends of buyers. 

The slot optimization feature of a warehouse management system will help you identify fast-moving and slow-moving items leading you to forecast future predictions of buyers’ patterns based on data. 

Warehouse Metrics
Just imagine how easy it would be for you to manage your warehouse when you can create a graphical representation of employee-to-employee performance and reports of any transactions performed during a specific time period and more with a single click. 

With the warehouse, metrics feature it’s not a dream anymore. 

Automation ERP Integration
Through smooth ERP integration, your warehousing department will be able to connect with all the other departments in real-time. This will increase the efficiency of the order fulfillment process and helps you inaccurate order filling, fast fulfillment, improving the overall productivity in your supply chain process. 

Multiple warehousing management 
Usually, a WMS system allows you to purchase and receive stock inventory for multiple warehouses and subsections and then select products to fulfill orders from different locations. With this, you can manage all your warehousing right from your screen.   

From picking to auditing and reporting, a Warehouse Management System can help you save time, and labour force while improving the efficiency of your warehouse – only if you pick a system with the right features that fit your business needs. 

So keep the above features of a WMS in mind when you are selecting a WMS for your company.