Project 7 – CSR

Project 7 - Singapore Manufacturers' Federation (SMa)

The Singapore Manufacturers' Federation (SMa), formerly known as the Singapore Manufacturers' Association, represents the manufacturing industry and specifically, the Singapore manufacturing sector.

System Donated by Tigernix: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In support of SMa’s efforts towards championing the causes and issues related to the manufacturing industry in Singapore, Tigernix donated a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to the federation. The solution was donated to aid them in their management processes. Tigernix’s CRM solution allows businesses to build on their existing and new customer relationships.

Tigernix CRM offers features such as sales force automation, customer support and service, marketing automation, inventory management, multiple database support, security management, product customisation, calendaring, E-mail integration, add-ons, and others. All the features are completely customisable, while the secure platform supports and manages daily business needs effectively.

Apart from SMa, Tigernix has successfully implemented a CRM solution at the Singapore Polytechnic – SME Infocomm Resource Centre (SIRC), Republic Polytechnic – School of Hospitality, Institute of Technical Education and Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.

About Singapore Manufacturers' Federation (SMa)

The Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation (SMa) aims to represent the Singapore manufacturing community and to help in its sustainable growth through serving industry-specific needs. SMa has a membership of over 2,600 corporate members ranging from MNCs to SMEs, and carries out a number of activities to benefit the manufacturing community and enhance the competitive edge of their members.

SMa is a non-profit organisation which is governed by a Council. The members of the Council hail from some of Singapore’s most established and progressive companies. The federation holds strong links with the government, and are suitably qualified to represent their members objectively. SMa facilitates communication between the government, foreign delegates and the manufacturing community.

SMA’s Offerings:

  • Business Matching Events
  • Trade Missions
  • Networking Sessions
  • Forums, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
  • Dialogues with Government Agencies

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