Today, it’s easier to find an LMS solution than ever before as searching the term ‘Learning Management Systems’ in Google search alone will give you a bunch of options to choose from. But finding a good LMS vendor for those who understand what is a good LMS software is a whole another story. 

In this article, we share why we think you should choose Tigernix LMS solution over the others.

Features to fit your unique needs 

It’s implacable that you choose not the most advanced system or solution of the biggest vendor- But a system that capable of fulfilling your requirements. Tigernix LMS has developed keeping in mind the institutions of all industries, sizes, and models with utmost flexibility. Thus we can easily deliver you an LMS solution customized to the special requirements of your institution. 

Our system comprised of features that will help you improve all the areas of your learning management process which includes, course enrolment, fee management, report management, student management and more. So you will be able to find solutions for all your learning management struggles with only one system.

Easy to use

At Tigernix, we believe that a new LMS solution should simplify the process without adding further complexity to what’s already you are experiencing. This is the reason for us to focus on simplicity in everything in the solution - so it won’t be a challenge for you and your staff when operating the new system. From design, navigation to operations we have developed Tigernix LMS for the use of anyone- So you don’t have to be IT experts to figure out how to get done your work using the system.

Our solution makes everything only a few clicks away helping you cut down all your paperwork, most of the manual entries and data processing. Our system will automate all the repetitive tasks as well enabling you to get done your daily work with a lesser effort with more accuracy. 

Data backup solutions 

Having a foolproof data backup feature is essential for an LMS solution, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected malfunctions, service disruptions, even who knows… natural disasters. Thus it’s important that you get an LMS with a good data backup feature.

Tigernix LMS always ensure you seamless data backup and recovery solutions to ensure clients, a hassle-free data recovery process in case of an unfortunate or an unexpected event.   

Easy integration with existing systems 

Maybe an LMS might not be the first software solution you introduce to your educational institution.

If so it’s important that you make sure your new LMS has the ability to seamlessly integrate with other existing systems. With this, you won’t have to experience complications during operations.

Tigernix LMS has specially built for easy and seamless integration with existing systems. Because we understand that smooth integration is also an important part of the equation for more effective learning management process just as automated features. 

Effective after sales support 

Tigernix is a leading software company based in Singapore who has a reputation for personalized solutions with effective after sales support. This includes assistance in training, customization, updating, tech support and maintenance. 

With our LMS solutions, we ensure our clients a fast and effective after-sales support to answer their questions and help them fix their issues and problems with the system so they can carry on with their day to day work effectively.

Like to know more about Tigernix LMS? Check out more information about our LMS solutions here.