With all the complexities of running a business, big or small, most companies are becoming overwhelmed with the attention that needs to be giving to the full functionality of the business. From having to stay up to date with technology, software to the planning and project management the traditional back office system is failing many businesses. Enterprise resource planning or ERP software is one way many businesses are integrating a new system that results in better efficiency, increased productivity and make their business more manageable.

What Is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning is an effective way for you to better run and properly manage your business. ERP is a business process management system that can automate a number of your back office functions. It can also be utilized in all areas of your business including: 

  • Planning
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Material Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • CRM & SRM
  • Purchases & Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • e-Commerce
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Accounting & Finance
  • You business will benefit in every aspect by increasing productivity and cutting costs.

How Can ERP Benefit Your Business?

1.) Efficiency is the number one benefit from an ERP system. Your business can integrate a more effective process to streamline your businesses processes. Old back office systems of having to manually enter information, waste hours. Collecting data and having to repeat the process week or day after day is eliminated with ERP. All data can be located through one server instead of multiple databases throughout the company.

2.) Productivity is impacted from integrating an ERP system into your business infrastructure. Productivity can increase from:

Reporting being made more convenient for businesses to be able to respond more quickly and run reports without the assistance of an IT professional. Having a central location for all your data makes finding the information faster. This also ensures all data is consistent and kept up-to date. ERP is easily integrated into businesses and reduces complexities in your business.

3.) Improved customer service will also result in ERP. When the rest of your business is well managed and better organized you are able to focus more of the key factor of your business, the customers. An effective ERP system in your business will increase your customer satisfaction from being able to resolve concerns faster and provide them with the highest quality of service available.