Social Media has become one of the major platforms in the world, which is accessed daily by people belonging to all the age groups. Based on recent research, these platforms have found out that most of the people who access social media are the youth. With the advancement of technology, accessing social media is at the fingertip of everyone, so most of the school children enjoy spending time on the renowned social media platforms. 

social media as a learning tool in schools

Social Media as a learning platform in Schools

Have you thought about making use of social media as a tool for education? If a student utilizes their time effectively on social platforms, they will be able to make use of social media as a useful learning tool for their education. 

This will help them to improve their grades and improve their skills in research and development. Since the current job opportunities are based on practical knowledge, the students can make use of the impact of social media in education for their future carrier. 

Various Social Networks in Teaching and Learning

There are numerous platforms available today where you can chat, message, share and explore new things with the existing social media platforms for educational purposes.

Therefore, let's have a look at the best platforms that are available in 2020 for students where they can utilize to improve their educational experience.

Blog Websites and Article Reading

Among the top listed social media platforms are the blogs, which are one of the best ways to improve the knowledge of the students. With bright colours and interesting presentation style blogs attract students to read more, share more and engage more. 

Apart from that, with their custom share feature, you can interconnect with other platforms and share the link of the articles to build up the community around you to make others read the articles you shared. There are a variety of categories in blogs where you can select to that are of the niche of the subjects you learn.

YouTube and Educational Channels

YouTube as a video blogging platform or in other words vlog has become the current trend, which will attract the audience to engage more since there are moving objects and speech, which is much more famous than the blogs and reading articles. 

Students can easily browse through the categories and search their favourite YouTube channels that provide good educational content, which will help to brush up their knowledge and gather more information. As an example, if you don’t know how to solve an equation, you can refer to the videos. 

In addition to that, if you need clear instructions to perform a lab experiment using chemicals, you can browse Youtube to get more information on the topics.

Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp

These are mostly used to share pictures, and they are the best platforms that we can network with others. However, by means of educational groups, you get the chance to share knowledge on topics and get the other's opinion and clear out any doubt and get your questions answered if you have any. 

Therefore, these platforms can be a great place for knowledge sharing sessions and interconnect with others who will be able to support you for educational purposes. You can easily use social media to share educational materials with you your classmates or even the public.

Advantages and the Importance of Social Media in Learning

Networking opportunities 

This is one of the importance of social media in teaching and learning where you can communicate with others to gather information and share your knowledge. If it a social media group, then you can instantly message, comment, or text anyone and share your thoughts on education matters, ask questions and receive answers instantly. It is one of the most productive ways that you can use social media as a platform for education. 

Since these platforms are free to use, they do come with enough storage for file sharing. 

  • Parent Involvement with Education by means of Social Media
    Yes, it is imperative for the parents to involve in various social networks in teaching and learning. However, since there are no parent control modes on social media, it is important for the parents to keep an eye on what their children are browsing and what they are reading and watching on the internet.

    By adequately guiding the children to make use of social media for educational purposes, the parents will have nothing to fear when they are browsing the internet. Social media is one effective way to improve the bond with the teachers for parents if you have a busy schedule with your daily workload. These platforms will be an excellent way for the parents to keep in touch with teachers to look into matters and take necessary actions when necessary.
  • Improve reading skills with Social Media Platforms
    This is another advantage of making use of these platforms since most students don’t like to read books. Social media and learning pdf will be an excellent option for students to improve their literacy skills by means of online platforms.

    As we mentioned before, students will engage more with articles and videos which provide more eye-catching content with animations.

    Unconsciously students' reading skills will be improved once they start referring these online platforms to brush up their knowledge.
  • Distant Learning with Social Media Platforms
    You are travelling for your holidays, or you are bedridden due to sickness. Then your peers can upload the study material by means of social media platforms or groups for you to refer. However, this is also an excellent opportunity for students to connect with experts in the field they are studying even if they're on the other side of the globe.

    Since social media has many advantages, it is an excellent medium for the students to improve their knowledge through these platforms. It will replace traditional learning methods and improve students’ skills in school-based activities while helping with their grades.

    We hope now, you have a clear understanding of how social media will be a great learning tool in school for students.