More and more businesses and organizations are adopting ERP solutions. But is it really worth the investment? In this article, ERP experts at Tigernix discuss why you need ERP software in your organization.  

Simply put, an ERP software is an Enterprise resource planning solution that enables you to integrate different parts of your organization bringing all the departments and employees under one umbrella. From marketing, sales, HR, warehouse, customer service to waste management, the system will unify everyone automating and integrating operations. With this the number of benefits your organization can enjoy is endless. 

Below are 6 reasons why you have to use ERP software in your business. 

1. If you want your money saved

When businesses grow, small wastes will go unnoticed as you have to take care of bigger issues or simply you don’t have time to look deep into such issues. An ERP software can dig deep for you and find out where you can improve your operations and processes to cut down wastes. Also, it will help you get the most out of your resources.

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2. If you want operations to move faster

Being able to speed up your daily operations help you get a better competitor advantage through improved efficiency throughout the business. The system will automate most of your operational work and repetitive tasks allowing you to speed things up when it comes to daily operations. Since your manual workload will be reduced, errors you experience in data records will be minimized. 

3. If you want your inventory and warehouse to be easy to overview

Knowing what you are running low on, what you’ve already ordered, what’s been shipped, what you might want to order more from to keep up with the demand…etc. will help you run your inventory and warehouse smoothly. With ERP software, you will be able to keep track of all these, right from your screen thus enabling you to manage your inventory and warehouse more seamlessly. 

4. If you want your teams to collaborate and perform to their maximum potential

An ERP software store all the data in a centralized hub making it easy for different departments involved in the same operations to collaborate easily. The system provides everyone with real-time data reducing confusions, errors and delays in operations. In addition to that, the system will let you save a significant number of hours spent on time-consuming manual tasks which you can invest in another work through automation. 

5. If you want your customers to be happier

When you can deliver your customers a more efficient service from inquiries, sales, delivery to customer service reducing the window for errors offering them better rates with your competitive advantage, you won’t have to make an extra effort to keep your customers satisfied. This can happen only with ERP software. 

6. If you want your business predictions to be more accurate

Being able to know future trends, future customer behaviours will help you get ready today to face tomorrow. An ERP software will analyze all your customer data and sales patterns to help you make your business decisions backed up by data.