Case Studies

The client

The client offers a select range of high quality products, which guarantee superb sonic performance and long-term reliability through the implementation of world-class audio engineering solutions.

The business challenge

  1. With the previously used method of managing customer data, customer needs were not addressed.
  2. Analysis of customer data was not done accurately, thus informed decision could not be taken confidently by the management.
  3. Customer records were not organised and maintained well.
  4. Performance was not measured accurately; therefore scope for improvement was limited.
  5. Improvement of customer satisfaction and retention was minimum due to lack of clarity on customer data.
  6. Collection and organisation of vital data was not done uniformly. Thus transferring data to other departments led to errors.
  7. Wastage of time occurred due to lengthy manual processes including scheduling and setting appointments with customers.
  8. Enhancement of service delivery was limited leading to customer dissatisfaction.

The solution

Tigernix proposed the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Business Benefits

  1. The online web based CRM software addresses the customers' entire needs.
  2. It helps make informed and solid small business decisions, through customer-centric intelligence.
  3. It manages and improves performance in customer-facing applications, helping the client focus their analytical attention on the customer.
  4. It records work in progress.
  5. It decreases client attrition rate.
  6. It allows management to forecast predictable outcomes.
  7. It is a central repository for pertinent small business communications.
  8. It is accessible from anywhere the Internet is available.
  9. It helps schedule production environments and enables just in time inventory.
  10. It logs client queries, complaints and feedback.
  11. It gathers customer information that is invaluable to the marketing departments to plan future enhancements to products and services.
  12. It helps forge a closer relationship with clients and creates an intimate approach.
  13. It enables customer centric strategies.
  14. It keeps sales force on track, eliminating tasks or appointments falling through the cracks.
  15. It builds customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer retention.