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Keeping and maintaining individual records of hundreds of students, tracking their attendance and progress, managing costs and tracking your income are a lot of work which can overwhelm you easily decreasing the productivity of your training center.

Being one of the best training management software available in the market, TigernixTMS delivers solutions to all your training management challenges.

It streamlines and simplifies and speeds up your TMS processes, eliminates inefficiencies and saves more time and money. With our software, you can gain a better efficiency in performing your daily tasks and improve the productivity of your employees.

Our software design is user-friendly and flexible which means your employees will find it easy to adapt to the new software and you’ll have the ability to customize TigernixTMS according to your unique requirements of your training center without a hassle.

Transitioning your time consuming manual training management system to a digital training management system, TigernixTMS delivers you effective solutions in training scheduling, planning, administrating, reporting and more.

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