Energy – Industries

A variety of software solutions are fostered in the Energy Industry to provide nation-wide services. Singapore Energy Enterprises use customised Solutions to gain 100% efficiencies. 


The energy sector is quite a rage today and a challenging one too. This industry is huge and booming with new completive players. To be a leader, you need to effectively manage and maintain large assets, then strategically improve their performance, and also make sure that they comply with regulatory mandates.

You need innovative enterprise solutions that are in line with your industry’s needs, all-inclusive, user-friendly, cost-effective, robust and agile.

Tigernix solutions, ERP, CRM, and PM, are very mature and powerful software that are agile enough to accommodate your business need and also allow your business to grow.

Tigernix can adapt to any industry need, including that of coal, gas, wind, solar, or nuclear. We are adept in creating and designing unique solutions for your business.

With Tigernix PM, ERP, and CRM solutions, you can:

  • Automate and streamline entire operations including asset management
  • Complete MIS solutions for large plants
  • Single-platform, web-based, and easy-to-use
  • Meticulous analytics and reports