Infrastructure – Industries

Infrastructure Industry is one of the core industries that is directly connected to national economic growth rates, which is why technologies are inevitable in it, continue reading to learn more.


Tigernix has custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications that cater to the Singapore construction industry and also conform to the Singapore Project Accounting standard.

Every industry has its own advantage. The infrastructure industry, however, is directly linked to the economic growth and advancement; and that is the core advantage. Singapore is known for its experience and adeptness in this industry.

We understand, that every stage of the construction industry you require permissions, compliances with regulatory and safety norms, and more intricacies. Projects include extensive planning to manage expensive assets throughout the project lifecycle.

The Singapore Infrastructure industry is very sophisticated and your projects need to be meticulously analysed, carefully planned and successfully implemented; that includes processes right from sourcing quality material and well-timed task execution, to risk mitigation and collecting revenue.

This is a daunting task given the nature and stature of the industry.

You need solutions that offer niche features for construction, real estate and public infrastructure industry. Tigernix offers a whole range of powerful and flexible solutions, customized to fill your industry needs. Our solutions, both ERP and CRM, enable comprehensive and end-to-end project tracking, manage your valuable time and cut costs.

With Tigernix’s customizable solutions, you can:

  • Optimize your organization’s tasks and processes
  • Ensure that all compliance and regulatory standards are met
  • Comprehensive and phased project management
  • Real-time alerts on important tasks/events
  • Integrated time management system