Manufacturing – Industries

The 21st-century Manufacturing Industry requires intelligent software solutions to control managerial and operational tasks precisely. Connect with Tigernix to navigate on our manufacturing solutions.


Manufacturing is a multi-faceted industry. This industry further caters and addresses the needs of many other industries. Be it assembly process, mechanical parts, and just about any category of manufacturing, your organization needs comprehensive and robust solutions to meet the needs of every phase of the project.

Tigernix has a wide-range of solutions that are highly customizable, that could give you real-time data and visibility right from order tracking and management, material sourcing, task allocation, production status, quality control, timeline management, and finally revenue management.

An industry like manufacturing requires crafted solutions to suit your need. Our Project Management software gives you detailed features even to capture information such as the calliper measurement.

Large manufacturing projects require mandatory approvals and should comply with norms and standards. Your industry needs a solution or more solutions to manage all of the complex processes.

Tigernix solutions promise to transform your supply chain process and help you draft a realistic production plan and also implement it.

Tigernix solutions, especially the fully-integrated, web-based ERP solution is intelligently designed to handle your business load, reduce costs, improve customer service, increase ROI and also open new avenues for revenue.

With Tigernix Project Management, ERP, and CRM solutions, you can:

  • Plan, strategize, and schedule projects
  • Allocate, track and monitor tasks
  • Reduce manufacturing cost and optimize resources
  • Eliminate production issues/restrictions
  • Manage time effectively
  • Extensive reports and analytics