Non-profit – Industries

The non-profit industry harnesses software technologies to gain better opportunities in handling volunteers and attracting donors. Call Tigernix to view software solutions for any non-profit organisation.


When you are committed for a good cause for a better world, people, communities and resources and for the betterment of others, challenges you have to go through are endless. From managing donors, volunteers, donations campaigns, events, projects to prospects and more, there are so many moving pieces to keep track of. Your best team of employees even can’t keep up with the pace to meet the demand. This is why you need the best digital technology in your non-profit organization to help you excel at your cause.

Going digital will bring your organization many benefits including better data organization and management, better management in operations, monitoring assets, volunteers, effectively accepting and handling payments, manage your staff, payroll and the list goes on and on. Offering you with cutting edge tools and applications developed and designed especially for non-profit organizations, digitalization will help you save money and go towards your goals with more efficiency and intensity.

With this, you will be able to have more peace of mind and focus more on your non-profit projects rather than having to stress over backend operations. The tools will also enable you to deliver a better service while improving donor, volunteer and prospect experience in your organization enhancing your brand image.

Introducing automation to your organization, digital technology will automate many of your manual operations, improving the accuracy, thus reducing errors. It will also help you optimize your workforce and other resources while offering you better visibility over the ongoing projects.