Wholesale and Retail – Industries

Wholesale and Retail Industry is continuously redefined, with changing demands in vogue. As innovation and technology play vital roles in this industry continue reading to learn more.

Wholesale and Retail

Wholesale and retail industries need highly-flexible solutions for their high-in-demand products.

Wholesale Distribution solutions help you streamline vertical supply chain management on every level, be it local or global. Tigernix range of solutions directly and wholesomely enable you to maximize business visibility using real-time data.

Just as your industry requires our solutions connect all important divisions such as marketing, operations, procurement, logistics and customer care. Our solutions are proven to have helped clients rake higher revenues through realistically delighting the customers.

Both wholesale and retail industries are vibrant and largely based on customer needs; and these requirements are ever-changing. We already have the solutions and you need to merely choose!

Tigernix solutions are designed based on widely-accepted supply chain processes that reduce implementation time, cost and operational risk. Tigernix ERP, CRM, and Project Management solutions are a perfect mix to manage your unique business.

Our solutions are web-based and very user-friendly, just what you need for your business!

We provide a single-platform and a single database to store, manage, and monitor your various business functions.

With Tigernix Project Management, ERP, and CRM solutions, you can:

  • Capitalize on supply chain visibility
  • Manage projects end-to-end
  • Single-platform, web-based, and easy-to-use
  • Easy process management that cuts cost
  • Improve the customer experience and service
  • In-depth reports and analytics