Tigernix among the top Singapore companies in CSR practise

Tigernix is known for pioneering in many areas.

This year Tigernix has proven to be a company that is sensitive to the society as much as it is for the technology needs of clients. Tigernix appeared in the list of top Singapore companies implementing and following CSR practices.

Tigernix is proud to have a community of employees who are also involved in many social activities. As an organization, we provide education via technology support for the down-trodden.

Also, as an organization, we are responsible for ensuring the well-being of our employees. We respect and encourage a good work environment, work life balance, and an amiable atmosphere. We also work with integrity maintaining a lot of business principles and values when working with clients. Tigernix motivates its employees to keep updating, learning, improving and be proactive at all times. We have experienced mentors who work closely with our employees and groom them to deliver work of superior quality.