Tigernix launches online job application portal

Tigernix launches online job application portalIn our pursuit to provide our customers with high-quality services, Tigernix successfully implemented the redesign of their website and added a host of value-added features. Among the new features is the online job application portal that Tigernix recently launched on its website.

The online job application portal has been a long awaited feature on the website, which now allows visitors on the site to easily apply for job openings at Tigernix. Visitors can browse current job openings which are listed under the careers section of the website.

The listing provides details on the responsibilities and requirements of the position. To apply for the position of their choice, users can click on the Apply link below. This takes them to a contact form where they can fill in their details, including qualification and experience.

This feature is helping bridge the gap between Tigernix and prospective employees.