Tigernix spearheads green initiative at work

Tigernix is an environmentally responsible company that takes ample measures implement green policies and initiatives. We established the “We are green” initiative to create an awareness of being more sensitive to the environment. As an organization, we have made sure that our employees are educated and sensitised towards resource preservation and helping to conserve the environment for future generations.

Tigernix is proud to have spearheaded the environmental initiative which over the years is bound to reap many benefits.

Apart from instilling environmental awareness in the staff at Tigernix, we actively pursue environmental friendly methods to meet our organisational needs:

  1. Environmental Practices in Business
    We consider environmental policies during our business processes, and always work towards identifying new environmental initiatives. We encourage our business partners and dealers to employ similar environmental practices.

  2. Prevent Pollution
    We attempt to reduce, if not completely prevent, any damaging impact of our activities on the environment.

  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    At Tigernix, we utilise our resources efficiently to decrease wastage. In addition to this, we work on novel ways to reuse our resources, and promote and participate in recycling programmes.

  4. Compliance
    We ensure that all our activities and processes comply with the existing legal and environmental regulatory requirements and policies. We do this through regular monitoring and evaluation of our implemented systems.

  5. Eco-Technology
    We try and use environmentally-friendly technology and efficient energy resources. We utilise high-performance, low-voltage devices which reduce energy requirements and carbon emissions.