Project Human Resource Management

Have a comprehensive understanding of the status, availability and roles of your employees positioned in the project team through the Project Human Resource Management module…

TigernixProject offers an integrated HR management module within the system. This web-based module manages all the project teams’ and managers’ details including their qualifications, tasks and performance.

The HR management module helps project managers and HR managers to improve the project performance and productivity. It streamlines your talent programs, aligns your employees’ career paths and delivers results on your organizational goals.

Staff and Manager Management/ HR Management

  • Management of Employee, team
  • Online leave application
  • Claims / Expenses for projects
  • Pay Grade
  • Attendances
  • Capture of qualification
  • Time sheet management
  • Manage Employment Hierarchy

Team or Employee Management

  • Integration with the other functions (SMS, mails, hierarchy and contacts)
  • Staff Fee system
  • Staff Follow-up of services
  • Management of preference per staff
  • Appraisal Management
  • Manage Staff’s skill history
  • Categorization
  • Capturing highest level of education
  • Attachment of staff’s particulars (e.g. Photos, Visa Pages, Passport Copies, etc.)
  • Active or inactive staff
  • Mass mailing

Online HR Leave System

  • Allow individual registration for leave.
  • Configuration of annual leave, sick leave etc. 
  • Online leave application and approval

Management of staff time-sheet

  • Request and validation of attendances
  • Legal and enterprise attendances take into account

Staff HR Expenses management

  • Online expenses claim
  • Validation by the person responsible

Retail Shop Attendance

  • Present/attendances mechanism
  • XML-RPC interface is possible

Management by work

  • integrated to the analytic account for the follow-up of staff fee cost
  • Automated importing of services
  • Numerous states of analytic accounting to analyze incomes and cost per projects.


  • Analyze employee’s productivity


  • Traceability of users on all the SMS documents
  • Trail audit module for control and reporting operations


  • Detailed report on staff time-sheet
  • Presence sheet per week or per month.


  • Quick zoom on related links
  • Functions of ‘click and relate’ for easy navigation
  • Edition of services in list mode (Excel or OOCalc)
  • Auto-completion of fields

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