Project and Tasks Management

Project and Tasks Management is an intrinsic module in FAS that allows managers to track and plan the project activities without any disruption. It is timely and user-friendly too.

TigernixProject offers project management module that helps you manage projects, team, tasks tracking and Gantt chart adeptly. You can track the entire project life cycle until completion. You can also schedule timelines, allocate tasks, plan budget, and track progress

The system also provides a portal to allow suppliers to view their transactions. The entire work-flow is automated, including the approvals, largely reducing paper work.

Project and Tasks functions

  • Management of project and tasks
  • Service, industrial or development projects
  • Multi-level sub-projects, without any limitations of level
  • Support of template projects
  • Deactivation and activation of the entire projects
  • Project

Follow-up of Projects

  • Automated alerts of customers by email for project support or for the quality survey.
  • Request to the project manager for the control of closing of the task.
  • Flexible attribution of rights and configuration of project by the project manager.
  • Internal project, customer project or assignment by tasks
  • Control of promotion of project by stages or by sub-projects

Management of Schedules

  • Complete management of schedules and working group.
  • Schedules assigned by project or by user.
  • Automated re-planning
  • Seizure in work list mode
  • Gantt graph: for project, for users, for group or for a given selection.


  • Scheduling by priorities, hierarchic sequence, and/or deadline. Drag and drop support
  • System of tasks reallocation
  • Specific menus for every user according to their role.
  • History of interventions for each tasks
  • Sales point and of price list management for tasks.


  • Navigation through trees, relations and system of cross connection
  • Colour codes are used for quick visibility
  • Rapid seizure in list mode
  • According to role and use, different view is possible
  • Numerous keyboard shortcuts

Invoice and Quotations

  • Automated draft invoices based on a pre-project or a template
  • Invoice by tasks: for project, subprojects or for planned or effective hours.
  • The validation of one draft invoice can activate the task.
  • Possible association of tasks with products.
  • Several invoicing logic

Complete Integration

  • Totally integrated to the other modules of TigernixERP; sales, production, purchase, projects
  • Activation of tasks according to different needs; production, purchase, sub-contracts, delivery
  • Support of industrial tasks
  • Complete traceability and control of modifications

Cost Control

  • Completely integrated to the cost accounting for higher level reporting and for business management
  • Management of costs according to different units of measure.
  • Automatic completion of timesheet at the end of the day/week through tasks.
  • Support of budgets Extensible
  • Addition of optional modules available.
  • Module for risk management
  • Module for quality management
  • Visibility of the work done directly in the customer’s chart if activated

Total Flexibility

  • All the screens are customizable (seizure, lists, states, search and more)
  • Multilingual and multi-companies support
  • Management of rights and user’s menu.
  • Direct access through Internet.
  • Process configuration and possible alerts.
  • Integrated request system.
  • Extensible via numerous optional modules
  • Personalized process

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