ERP Module: Bulk Email & SMS Software

Bulk Email & SMS Software is a significant module that allows the ERP managers to acknowledge the sales pipelines and demands easily to understand the expected resource allocations.

This module efficiently tracks centralized helpdesk support alerts and alerts to suppliers, incidents, internal treatment, and sales opportunities. It is fully integrated with other modules and provides other features such as scheduling mailers for marketing to potential customers. But what makes this software unique is that it automates all email communication.


  • Automatic email alerts

    TigernixERP, through its email alert tracker feature, our software enables you to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, meetings, issues, and requests. It manages key tasks such as communication, identification, prioritization, assignment, resolution, and notification.
  • Reliability
TigernixERP ensures that all helpdesk cases are successfully tracked by users, customers, and suppliers. It can automatically send email reminders, escalate the request, trigger specific methods, and other actions based on your company’s rules.
  • Convenient for End Users

    TigernixERP’s email alert feature makes it very simple for end users. All they need to do is send a mail. TigernixERP then sends an immediate response, automatically routes it to the respective staff, and ensures accurate and timely future correspondence.


  • Requests

    TigernixERP has a central point to track all its alerts on business opportunities, supplier requests or complaints, support requests, helpdesk communication, and internal tasks or issues.
  • Email Alerts

    TigernixERP’s email alert manages the complete lifecycle of a task from submitting, assigning, prioritizing, escalating, to sending reminders. It has a powerful search engine and enables viewing of complete communication history, on request. The tool also does partners’ state of mind analysis, manages planned costs and revenues with probabilities, and provides multiple references to others resources of TigernixERP. Email alert is also secure and does not allow private commenting by end users.
  • Reporting

    TigernixERP has a comprehensive list of reports such as trends analysis per section, user, partner, and category. You can design reports using the OpenOffice connector and compute graphs like the sales pipeline. It allows you to export reports to PDF and is completely integrated with MS Excel or OOCalc for import and export.

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