ERP Module: Human Resources Management Software (HRMS)

TigernixERP houses a customisable Human Resource Management Software to allow users to manage HRM-related data through integration comfortably- it ends employee data mismanagement.


  • Automation

    TigernixERP improves your business processes, saves your organization’s time and money, and empowers your employees with integral self-service and benefits-enrolment solutions.
  • Performance

    With TigernixERP, all your company information is centralized helping you to manage and control the company’s working progress easily.
  • Flexibility
    TigernixERP is flexible and enables you to maintain an organized database of qualified applicants, allow employees to manage open requisitions, track expenses, and automate the hiring process.
  • Integration
With TigernixERP you can integrate and centralize all data for better management of attendance accruals and empower employees with access to their personal payroll information.


Tigernix human resource information system
TigernixERP HR software covers basic functionalities such as managing employees, timetable and absence plan, follow-up of services and their costs according to work done, and sign in/sign out module.


TigernixERP helps you to manage your employees through well-defined features such as:

  • Integration with the partner functions of TigernixERP (SMS, mails, hierarchy and contacts).
  • Cost and sales unit.
  • Hours of work.
  • Salary system.
  • Follow-up of services.
  • Management of preference per user.

Management of Absences

TigernixERP helps you to manage employees’ absence by requesting and validating absences and by taking in to account legal and enterprise absences.


TigernixERP helps you to easily manage expenses with features like introduction of expenses and validation by the person responsible.

With TigernixERP’s attendance features such as sign in/sign out mechanism and possibility of XML-RPC interface, you can manage employee performance easily.

Management by Work

TigernixERP’s HR module helps you to manage employees depending on work done. It covers features such as:

  • Integration with analytic account for follow-up of wages cost for customer’s project.
  • Automated importing of services, thanks to the work carried out on different tasks.
  • Options for several units of measure (senior developer day, junior developer hour, and such).
  • Numerous states of analytic accounting to analyze incomes and cost per projects.


TigernixERP helps you to analyze users’ productivity enabling you to understand the status and progress level of your company.


With TigernixERP’s traceability feature you can track details per user in all ERP documents. The trail audit module enables you to control reporting user operations.

HR Reports

TigernixERP has a comprehensive list of reports for employees’ attendance, presence sheet per week/ per month, and ventilation of effective hours per work in a month.

TigernixERP adheres to ergonomics that make your user-experience simple and easy.

  • Quick zoom.
  • Click and relate function for easy navigation.
  • Auto-completion of fields.
  • Editing of services in list mode (ala Excel or OOCalc)

Total Flexibility

TigernixERP is completely flexible and covers features such as:

  • Customizable screens (seizure, lists, states, search, and more).
  • Multilingual and multi-companies support.
  • Management of rights and user’s menu.
  • Direct access through Internet.
  • Process configuration and possible alerts.
  • Integrated request system.
  • Extensible via numerous optional modules.
  • Personalized process.

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