ERP Module: Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software​

Material Requirements Planning Software is a significant module that should not be missed in the TigernixERP. It mitigates raw material storing while aligning processes to fit schedules.


  • MRP Automation

    TigernixERP automates even difficult tasks such as MRP planning and raw materials reordering.
  • Production monitoring

    TigernixERP disseminates real-time accurate and updated information to your production status and thus steadily increases your company’s production and material planning.
  • Flexibility
TigernixERP’s simplicity and ergonomic nature makes drafting of ranges intuitive and quick. Its configurable settings provide control over MRP system rules and logic.
  • ERP manufacturing Integration
TigernixERP’s MRP system integrates tightly with advanced planning and scheduling systems and other ERP modules like purchase and supply chain and plant maintenance.


Production planning, control and management 

TigernixERP covers manufacturing operations such as production control and management, production planning, holding of bill of materials and range, provisions and treatment of stock exception, and integrated scheduler.

Bill of Materials

TigernixERP offers the following features to manage the Bill of Materials:

  • Multi -level (unlimited) bill of materials.
  • Configurable products and properties.
  • Sample of bill of materials.
  • Substitution of bill of materials.
  • Integration of subcontracting as well as services/tasks.
  • Rebus management.
  • Range for different levels.
  • Quick production or per series.
  • Management of reviews.
  • Tool for duplication of bill of materials.

TigernixERP allows the reutilization of range at different levels for bill of materials and work per cycle or per hour.

Post of Responsibility

TigernixERP manages machines, tools, labor and is integrated to general and analytic accounts. It also helps in the planning of estimated expenses and comparisons, and the integration of schedules.

Production scheduling 

TigernixERP’s production scheduler features include planning and scheduling of infinite capacity, calculation of possible stringent, follow-up of the different delays, and possible interventions for manual corrections.

TigernixERP offers the following for easy traceability:

  • Standard tools management SSCC.
  • Management of production and consumer lots.
  • Serial number management.
  • 12 barcode supported.
  • Upstream/downstream traceability.
  • Control and follow-up of technicians.

TigernixERP has special features catering to the needs of product management such as:

  • Management of variants and models.
  • Multiple units of measure and automatic conversions.
  • Substitute products.
  • Product properties.
  • Automatic update of cost price.
  • Several production logics.
  • Possible use of alert dates, and repurchase date of stocks.
  • Packaging management.

Productions alerts and exceptions handling

TigernixERP is designed to manage exceptions with features such as:

  • Centralized treatment of exceptions and provisions.
  • Cancellation management.
  • Negative stocks support.
  • Request system.

Production Orders/Work orders

TigernixERP has comprehensive features to manage and monitor your production orders.

  • Follow-up of anticipated materials in comparison with consumed materials.
  • Slide/paste for reordering production orders.
  • Comparison of anticipated and real-time by post of responsibility.
  • Automation of series.
  • Consumption and production management.
  • Production support at the producers.
  • Support of double units of measure, if necessary.
  • Automated valuing of stock.
  • Automated or non-automated serialization.


TigernixERP has multiple offerings such as multi-warehouses and multi-units of production.


TigernixERP is extremely user-friendly and follows ergonomic standards. It covers features such as quick zoom on linked form, `click and relate’ function, import/export through MS Excel, and simplified forms and states with information in a single screen.

Stock Management

TigernixERP manages your stock through features like detection of mistakes through double entry system of inventory management. And, with the use of analytic locations, it also covers rebus and valuing consumption/production.


TigernxERP is completely flexible and can be integrated to other modules and applications such as:

  • General and analytic accounting.
  • Stocks control and tasks follow-up.
  • Human resources module.
  • Native integration with reordering.

Total Flexibility

TigernixERP is completely flexible and covers features such as:

  • Customizable screens (seizure, lists, states, search, and more).
  • Multilingual and multi-companies support.
  • Management of rights and user’s menu.
  • Direct access through Internet.
  • Process configuration and possible alerts.
  • Integrated request system.
  • Extensible via numerous optional modules.
  • Personalized process.

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