ERP Module: Salesforce Management

Track and have a comprehensive awareness of all real-time sales processes that are affecting your resources through an interrelated Salesforce Management module in your TigernixERP.


Software for Sales Automation
TigernixERP is apt for sales (account) managers by largely reducing paperwork and increasing operational effectiveness through automating routine processes.

Sales Tracking/Salesforce CRM
TigernixERP enables company executives to monitor performance and build sales reports (up-to-date and projected) for an individual manager, a team, office, and the entire company.

TigernixERP’s tools help you to develop reports and derive management rules for measuring progress.

Salesforce Integration
TigernixERP’s stock management feature and integrated production facilitate you to make quick decisions, with complete factual knowledge.


Salesforce tracking
TigernixERP covers basic functionalities such as management of opportunities, quotations, orders and deliveries, follow-up of commercial activities, and management of customer’s contract, price list, and conditions of payment.

Sales Quotations/Sales Orders
TigernixERP offers these features to manage Sales orders:

  • Management of sales delivery addresses, invoice, and order.
  • Different delivery logistics.
  • Management of Inco-terms.
  • Delivery at the earliest or when the order is complete.
  • Templates and rapid copies of order and/or sales quotations.
  • Control of customer’s preference.

Sales Order Lines

TigernixERP covers these order lines features:

  • Automatic calculation of delivery delays, stocks, and prices ‘on Stock’ or ‘on order’.
  • Rapid seizure ‘without product’.
  • Configurable products.
  • Management of double units of measure to the order.
  • Support for attributed orders.
  • Management of consolidated sales.

Invoicing Software module

TigernixERP offers numerous logics of delivery/invoicing (manual, automatic, or prepayment and more), integration to cost accounting through profit center, and invoicing for the delivered or ordered quantities.

Pricing Solutions

TigernixERP manages prices and price lists through various features such as rebate management in multi-level cascade, management of limited prices, customer’s preferences and contracts, and numerous flexible methods for sale price calculation.

Tracking Sales Process

With TigernixERP’s advanced functions of sales tracking and reporting, you can make quick and effective decisions for your company. It provides information on future stock, cost price, orders, and customer’s events.

TigernixERP takes care of delivery processes by managing multiple delivery scales, different logistics of delivery, and customer’s preferences. It also has options to configure price by weight, by volume, or others.

TigernixERP manages opportunities and processes covering features such as:

  • Follow-up and scheduling of commercial opportunities.
  • Different states: sales pipeline, monthly sales etc.
  • Definition and description of actions, channels of communication, partner’s state of mind.
  • History and traceability of actions.

Sales Pipeline and Invoicing Control
TigernixERP enables easy follow-up and control through features like:

  • Complete history of states.
  • Invoice control.
  • Control, automation, and planning of deliveries.
  • Delivery and/or invoice by order line.
  • Computerized scheduler.

Inventory Sales Software

TigernixERP is capable of managing variants and models of different products’ inventory and allows several configuration options.

TigernixERP has several multiple offerings such as multi-sales points, multi-warehouses, multi-lingual option, and multi-delivery and price list options.

TigernixERP is extremely user-friendly and follows ergonomic standards. It covers features such as the reminder function based on customer’s preference, quick zoom on related links, and ‘click and relate’ easy navigation.

Sales Integration

TigernxERP is completely flexible and can be integrated to other modules and applications such as e-commerce interface, EDI module for electronic orders, invoices and deliveries, general and analytic ledger, and stock control and tasks follow-up and many more.

Sales Report/Tracking

TigernixERP has a comprehensive list of reports for sales pipeline (prevision of sales and future costs), daily/monthly cumulated/non-cumulated sales, and personalized reports using OpenOffice. You can also integrate these reports in MS Excel and MS Word according to your preferences.

Total Flexibility

TigernixERP is completely flexible and covers features such as:

  • Customizable screens (seizure, lists, states, search, and more).
  • Multilingual and multi-companies support.
  • Management of rights and user’s menu.
  • Direct access through Internet.
  • Process configuration and possible alerts.
  • Integrated request system.
  • Extensible via numerous optional modules.
  • Personalized process.

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