Web Based ERP System

TigernixERP is a web-based ERP system that unlocks access to any permitted party from anywhere. Use this multi-faceted efficacy to use ERP services without any dispute comfortably.

Advantages of ERP

  • Optimization of your Solution

    This new version of TigernixERP is far more powerful than its earlier version. Being web-based, this solution makes way for more enhancements through its new functionalities. Useful features such as graphical representation of your data, scheduling events/meetings and generate detailed reports.
  • Easy Access and Use

    TigernixERP is a web-based solution which gives you the comfort of accessing the application remotely, at your convenient time and place. You can also connect with Intranet and Extranet using any browser right from your PC or PDA.
  • Comfort in Use

    The ergonomic enhancement of its interface gives it an aesthetic look and is easy-to-use. The performance of TigernixERP coupled with its new design makes it an essential management tool.

Benefits of TigernixERP

TigernixERP is complete with features such as dynamic graphs and dashboards, shortcuts per-user, single/multiple selections, database management tools, and customizable views.

Good Usability

TigernixERP adheres to global usability standards, thereby making it very user-friendly and interactive. It has features such as basic and extended searches, quick creation of forms, multiple views on records (list, form, and graphs), actions, links and reports shortcuts, and tools to simplify encoding.


TigernixERP is adaptable with customizable templates and easy to create new views of widgets. It is also adaptable and works on most-used browsers.


TigernixERP extensively uses Ajax for responsive actions, is fully translated to multiple languages, and is easy installation and packaging.

TigernixERP is powerful and covers the following features:

  • Produce all reports in PDF.
  • Caching system for fast rendering.
  • Multiple database support.
  • Everything is customizable through configuration.

Flexible Modules

TigernixERP comprises modules with features such as:

  • Powerful customer and supplier portal.
  • Designed to be integrated with your enterprise portal.
  • Direct link to any resources security.
  • Server/Client architecture.
  • Communication with the Server through XML-RPC, and HTTP.
  • Support for HTTPS best web technologies.
  • AJAX features.
  • Python language.
  • Turbogears framework.
  • MVC architecture standard compliant.
  • Web services integration portal.
  • Full customer and supplier portal.
  • Flexible rules management.

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