Course Management Module

Courses and schedules can be easily shared amongst the students and teachers using this TiernixSMS submodule: Course Management tool, to share and manage courses conveniently.
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TigernixSMS offers Course management module that helps you to efficiently manage the courses that you offer in your institution. This module manages the entire workflow of course management right from marketing, selling, managing and processing, thereby making it easier and quicker.

By eliminating time lag, you can improve your productivity and cut unnecessary costs. The TigernixSMS Course management module is a boon for schools and training institutions, helping them deliver many courses on line and off line. This module can be easily integrated with other modules or software to facilitate a smooth management of your educational institution.

Course management module

  • Course code
  • Categorization of the courses (eg. WDA/non-WDA course)
  • Person in-charge
  • Edit and delete function
  • Search category
  • Create category code
  • Create course details
  • Assign list of trainers
  • Create course reference number (Based on WDA’s course number)
  • Create competency code (Based on WDA’s competency code)
  • Create certificate code (Based on WDA’s certificate code)
  • Conduct by Partners
  • Fee discount
  • Venue booking (edit, delete, view)
  • Automatic email to trainer upon confirmation
  • Automatic email to trainer upon cancellation/postponement
  • Cost price
  • Sales price
  • Costing method
  • Member price
  • Description
  • Sales description
  • Purchase description
  • Module details ( module code, module date and time)
  • Session details ( Date, start time and end time)
  • Fee structure/Fee info/Set base fee
  • Manage attendance
  • Instalment management of fees
  • Statistics of registered students
  • Automation of mailing to registered and paid students
  • CDAC partner invoiced
  • AMP partner invoiced
  • Course entry requirements
  • Award type
  • Award Conferment dates
  • Organization which awards the qualification
  • Course remarks
  • Start/end date
  • Registration start date and end date


  • Traceability per user on all the school documents
  • Trail audit module for control and reporting user operations


  • Detailed report on confirmation students and registered students.
  • Presence sheet per week or per month.
  • Profit analysis


  • Quick zoom on related links
  • Functions of ‘click and relate’ for easy navigation
  • Edition of services in list mode (Excel or OOCalc)

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