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Conduct examinations online with the Online Examination Management System- a module supported by TigernixSMS to facilitate the students and teachers during the examination days.

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About Tigernix Online Examination Management System

Tigernix online examination management system collects information/activities from the student’s personal computer during the online examination and provides maximum prevention from cheating/doing fraud. Our system enables the students to feel they are using a user-friendly system, even though our software is a high surveillance-based system for preventing examination frauds. More on our system is a web-based online exam system which allows the student to open a browser and continue to answer the online examination on a simplified user interface.

Below are the feature sets of Tigernix online examination system.

Helps to prevent cheating/frauds with machine learning and AI technologies.

  • Facial recognition and object tracking
    a. The online exam system can identify if the student is turning face to another direction or not
    b. The exam monitoring system can detect suspicious movements, etc 
  • Can identify other software applications/programs on the computer.
    a. Ability to understand if there are remote desktop/view/control example applications like TeamViewer/AnyDesk is running
  • Prevents from using another tab in the browser or using another software application in the computer

OCR (Object Character Recognition) feature

  • OCR while submitting a paper written answer.
    Tigernix test system can identify & match the pattern of the student handwriting for all answer sheets.
  • The exam system can compare the patterns of the student handwriting with their existing examination papers or answer sheets in the system

Teachers can create multiple types of questions (mathematical, physics, etc.).

Real-time monitoring for teachers – Single pane of glass!

  • Teachers (exam supervisor/invigilator) can monitor all students in real-time, and our online assessment system can alert on a single dashboard.

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