School Purchase Management Module

The School Purchase Management module controls the purchasing orders of the school, which unifies purchase data to one computerised system and provide insightful purchases…

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TigernixSMS offers School Purchase management module that diligently manages your purchases such as text books in bulk, teaching aids, and other material requirement. The module not only simplifies your buying process, but also ensures that you get the best deal of your purchase and in compliance with necessary policies.

As an institution, TigernixSMS School Purchase management module, will give you a complete view and review of your purchases. This is most useful for budgeting and planning for next purchases and optimizing monetary requirements.

The system also provides a portal that allows suppliers to view their transactions. The entire work-flow and approvals are completely automated, thus eliminating paper work.

Basic functions

  • Management and follow-up of purchases
  • Reordering by order point or by stringent flow.
  • Management of suppliers contract, price list and conditions of payment and delivery.


  • Follow-up of quotations
  • Multiple addresses of the suppliers
  • Validations by customer’s signature and supplier’s confirmation
  • Delivery to the warehouse or directly to the final customer
  • Manual or suggested orders by ERP according to your management rules
  • Gathering of orders

Order lines

  • Automatic calculation of required delivery time and price
  • Rapid seizure ‘ Without product’
  • Management of double units of measure in the order


  • Control of invoices
  • Integration to the accounting through cost centre


  • Method of order point through (mini stock) by product and by warehouse
  • Possibility to keep the product in “in order” mode
  • System of request integrated for alerts and exceptions on the state of stock
  • Modification possible at any time of the reordering process (calculation of needs and cancellation)

Price list

  • Management of discount and suppliers promotion
  • Management of limited price
  • Conditions and contract suppliers

Quick visibility

  • Advanced functions of reporting for quick decision making.
  • Zoom on future stock, details of cost and supplier’s events


  • Multiple delivery grids
  • Configurable price by weight , volume, Price or other measures
  • Different logistics of delivery
  • Management of supplier’s preferences

Control and follow up

  • Complete history of states
  • Control of received invoice
  • Control, automation and planning of delivery
  • Management of receipt and partial invoicing.
  • Follow-up of suppliers delays
  • Support of 12 bar codes
  • Management of logistic units


  • Management of variants and models
  • Management of stock able products and services (subcontracting)
  • Infinite number of suppliers
  • hierarchical categories
  • Suppliers preference ; minimum quantities, delivery time and such
  • Supplier’s reference and appellations
  • Management of suppliers and manufacturers


  • Multi-School outlet
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-Delivery modes


  • Reminder function
  • Management of subscriptions
  • Quick zoom on related links
  • Functions of ‘click and relate’ for easy navigation


  • EDI module for electronic orders, invoices and deliveries.
  • Integration with the general and analytic ledger
  • Integration with the control of stock and follow-up of tasks


  • Sales pipeline (Estimation of sales and future costs)
  • Monthly or daily sales, accumulated or non accumulated
  • System of creation of your personalized reports via OpenOffice
  • Integration with Excel and Word

Total Flexibility

  • All the screens are customizable (seizure, lists, states, search and more)
  • Fine management of rights and user’s menu.
  • Possible adaptation of all the resources of the enterprise.
  • Direct access through the Internet.
  • Process configuration and possible alerts.
  • Integrated request system.
  • Extensible via numerous optional modules
  • Personalized process

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