How to manage memberships and donations drives in a small or medium size non-profit?

Membership recruiting, managing fundraisings, tracking donations and other finances, membership fee, renewal and database management… 

Are you a small or a medium sized non-profit, facing cumbersome struggles in trying to keep up with your membership and donation drives? Managing memberships and donations campaigns is a never near easy task, especially when you have dozens of other tasks to do. 

This is the reason why any non-profit organization should pay more attention to find better solutions for this so you can manage all your donations and members without a hassle. In this post we will explore the best solution for managing memberships and donations drives in your non-profit.

Mainly there are two different methods. They are 

  • Service of a payment processing company
  • Service of a software designed especially for non-profits

Let’s have an in-depth look at each of these methods.

Service of a payment processing company 
You can use these services for accepting donations and for member registration. Paypal, Wepay, are some examples of such services. These services offer you real-time transactions, easy to build donation and membership registration web pages and affordable transaction fees. However, the payment processing company’s service lack back-end functionalities like analytical, donor and membership management and communication tools.

Service of a software designed especially for non-profits
Today, you can find many software products that have developed specially to manage operations in a non-profit organization. This software will automate processes and help you keep track of the records and operations easily. Creating a centralized hub for all types of data of your non-profit, the system will help not only with managing donations and member registrations of your organization but also with billing, donor and member contacts management to monthly or yearly report creation. 

Below are some of the features comes in a non-profit management software 

  • Automatic donation receipt management
  • Online and offline fund-raising management 
  • Donor contacts and activities management
  • Volunteer contacts and activities management
  • Online events registration
  • Online events payment
  • Automatic events receipt management
  • Membership registration, payment and renewal management 
  • Mass emailing to donors and sponsor organizations
  • Integration with other Content Management Systems
  • Payment getaway/payment processing service integration 

With the system, you will be able to save a significant amount of time while improving the accuracy of your data and records as everything will be automated once you implement a non-profit management software. So, the comparatively expensive fee of the system will be paid off in no time. 

Just imagine how easy your days would be when you can manage your donations and memberships drives without having to go through piles and piles of paper!

A payment service company can only offer you a less than a half of the service a non-profit management system. 

Once a non-profit decided to invest in a software solution, the next biggest question they face is finding the solution that fits their organization as most of the non-profit management software is designed for bigger organizations. Which is why we thought to introduce the perfect solution for small and medium size non-profits, Tigenrix Volunteer Management System.  

Specially designed for small and medium-sized non-profit organizations, our system will help you manage your donations, donors, members, volunteers, employees and more for an affordable price.