What are the benefits of hosted/cloud ERP software?

Undoubtedly your business would reach greater heights if all the business processes are streamlined into a single cohesive hub. The best way to experience such a remarkable performance for real is by implementing a top cloud ERP software in your business. 

An ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) software is a versatile web-based software solution developed with up-to-date technology to make your business processes easy. It manages and integrates the important parts of a business from planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance to human resources. And moving data and applications to a reputable cloud ERP solution will definitely make your life easy.

If you still have no idea about the importance of having a properly developed cloud ERP Software for your organization, here we’ve listed 5 benefits of hosted/cloud ERP software for a business.  

Greater efficiency but less required resources 

When you are implanting a cloud ERP Software you do not have to spend additional costs to acquire new servers to house the application or databases as your obtaining subscription from your SaaS provider along with the software package. The best thing about a cloud ERP Software is that all the aspects including installation costs, hardware management costs and troubleshooting expenses are covered in your licensing costs. While you trigger up the productivity of your business you are making a worthwhile investment decision as well. 

Superior security 

As much as you are concerned about the efficiency of your systems, we know how much you are concerned about the security of your sensitive data and other databases. Compared to other software solutions, cloud-based vendors can assure you hundred times more security for your databases than regular ERP systems. When you purchase a cloud ERP System from a well-established and experienced service provider, you will receive the service of their in-house experts in managing the tools and appliances to ensure the protection of your data saved in the cloud.

Easy adaptability 

With a cloud subscription, you can easily scale it as per your unique requirements. As your business grows you can enhance your license size as well. Even if your business is going through a temporary downsize, still you can revise your license accordingly. Thus, a cloud ERP Software is highly scalable and customizable to meet the needs of your business.  

Cloud ERP is not another stagnant software system which is lacking flexibility and adaptability. Additionally, contemporary updates and new versions are provided to complement the dynamic technological environment. 

Greater availability 

Unlike regular ERP software systems, you can access a cloud ERP System anytime and anywhere. Therefore, you will get a greater control and traceability over the organizational activities. Cloud-based ERP software solutions are a worthwhile investment to be made if the focus of your business is future-oriented.    

Support and after sale services 

As your ERP service provider maintains the ownership of both your software and hardware, they will provide you with a 24/7 service. Therefore, you don’t have to buy a support package additionally as it is usually coming as a part of your software solution. Plus, such packages include upgrades to your software module as well. 

Simply with a cloud ERP software, you do not have to make a fuss over your system but focus on your business growth.