What features should I look for in donor management software?

Gigantic spreadsheets, old world type data systems, disorganized donation records… all that is time-consuming and overwhelming come to play if you are still working with conventional donor management techniques.

When you are heading a non-profit organization, administration and volunteer management and streamlining of your donation processes are critically important for reaching sustainable growth. 

If you are looking for a solution to improve your donation management here is a one; a Donor Management Software.

You will flip when you identify how easy running your entity and managing your donations becomes with a well-developed Donor Management Software. Here are five essential features you should look for when you are implementing a donor management software in your Non-Profit Organization. 

Web and accounting system integration 
As most of the donations and fund transfer happen through your website, you should make sure your Donor Management Software is totally web integrating. Therefore, the donors can easily make donations and make their own accounts/profiles on your official website. The next most important feature you should consider is the adaptability of the software module with your existing accounting and costing software system. When both systems are compatible with each other, you don’t have to put your hands to juggle with keeping account records for the donations and grants.  

When you are executing a Donor Management Software make sure the dashboard is easy to navigate. Plus, the interface must be user-friendly for the members who are using it. Otherwise, you will have to waste more time to figure out how your system functions instead of using it to save your time and improve the efficiency of the organization. With easy navigating and simple functionalities, the members of your entity can make use of the system with convenience.

CRM and Contact Management
The Donor Management Software of your choice should meet some specific needs in terms of CRM and contact management of your Non-Profit. It should have the caliber to track meeting notes and all communication needs, track donations from a specific body, providing follow-up notes and move information of inactive donors fluidly. By implementing such a Donor Management Software, half of your workload can be reduced and you can always keep your donations and donors on track. 

Email integration 
Another pivotal feature is the ability of the software in integrating with your email platform. Then you can carry out email campaigns and communicate with donors via emails with no hassle. With email compatibility, you can get rid of repeating errors and reach your donors through emails better than ever. Isn’t it a good way to raise more donations?

Support system 
Last but not least, in case you run into troubles using the Donor Management Software, there should be an immediate responsive party to assist you. Without a doubt that is your software developing company. When you are choosing a software developer, ensure that you can reach them 24/7 either by phone or mail and most importantly they are ready to address your issue on time. 

Have the providers run demos for the decision-makers of your Non-Profit and get a feel for what it would be like to use a Donor Management software for real.  Then look for these features and get the best for your entity. You can also check out the Donor Management Software available at Tigernix.