Every organization receives visitors. Yet not many organizations manage visitors effectively.

Visitor management is essential for any organization as its one of the main ways you can make an excellent first impression to your clients, guests, and to the public. Thus, having proper visitor management in place is critical. 

One of the top tools that can help you improve your visitor management is an excellent visitor management system. In this article, we share what a visitor management system is and how it can help you refine your visitor management in your organization. Let’s dive in.

visitor management system and how it can help

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management system is a robust software solution developed to help organizations manage their visitors. Comprised of many tools, the system will help you with welcoming, processing, scheduling, and managing visitors in your organization. Some of the functions a visitor management system offer you are,

  • Automatic Visitor Management
  • Self-registration
  • Automatic check-out
  • SMS notification when visitors arrive
  • Access control integration
  • Group Management.
  • Parking permit
  • Statistics & Reports

Below are some of the top benefits you can enjoy when you have a visitor management system implemented in your organization. 

Reduced labour costs

A good visitor management system enables you to cut down labour costs in many ways. Allowing automated check-ins, check-outs and self-registration capabilities, with the system, you won’t need many receptionists at the front desk to welcome your visitors. This can be very helpful when you receive large groups of visitors.

The system also comes with functions that enable you to assist your guests and find the location of the host effectively. Not just that, the system also will help you effectively manage cameras, sensors, doors, and other software through automation, thus enabling you to reduce manual work, thereby reducing labor costs.

Better visitor privacy

When you have visitor logbooks to record visitors you receive to your organization, you can’t guarantee the confidentiality and security of your visitor data. Everyone who visited the place can view who visited the place before them. Anyone can see the personal information of your guests with a glance at the page, or worst, anyone who gets the hands on the logbook can flip through the visitors' log and find any visitors' details.

However, with useful visitor management software, your visitors are ensured way better privacy and security over their personal information. The system offers digital sign-ins where visitors can enter their details and submit them with a click of a button to be saved to the central database.

Improved organizational security

Effective visitor management also helps with enhancing organizational security. A cutting edge visitor management system comes with many features that enable you to ensure better organizational safety related to visitors. 

With digital check-in and check-out facility, security personnel will easily be able to make sure all the visitors have left the premises before closing the building. Whether it’s an emergency or someone hiding intending to commit a crime, the security will be able to take necessary measures.

Digitally recording data also helps with investigating crimes as the system allows you easy access to any visitor log.

Better data recording and management

When you can record all your visitor data digitally, you won’t have to maintain files of spreadsheets, giant logbooks, or deal with cumbersome paperwork. The visitor management system will record, manage, organize, and store your visitor data effectively.

Whether it’s an important client, founder’s cousin, or the pizza delivery guy, the system will speed up the check-in process reducing delays. This will deliver a satisfying visitor experience for anyone who visits your organization.

In addition to that, the system enables you to pull any visitor records of last week, last month or even of last year within seconds. You will no longer have to flip through visitor logbooks and sheets of paper to find the day that particular prospect visited your premises.

Never disappoints an important visitor

With a visitor management system, you can easily manage and monitor your visitor schedules and appointments.

Hosts will be able to get instantly notified when their guests arrived thus can clear their work to attend to their visitor without making them wait. On the other hand, you won’t have to stop all your work and wait for your client’s arrival who are not always on time as you can get notified right after they arrive at the front door.

You also can adequately inform visitors about your 10 minutes delays due to traffic via the system making sure they are not expecting before time.

Give you a more professional image

Just imagine how much of an elevated professional image you are allowed to present to your visitors when you can offer digital check-ins and check-outs for your visitors without a delay of a second. Rather than having a receptionist at the front desk, when you have a visitor management software implemented in your organization, you can be more prepared for your visitors' arrival and plan which of your visitors will notice indeed.

Features like self-registration and returning visitor recognition will make you look like you are well organized and have better visibility over your visitor management.

Better speed

The system will make everything fast for you and your visitors. Once you have a visitor management system in your organization, your visitors won’t have to wait at the front desk to check-in or to find their host’s locations.

No matter how large the guests' group is, receptionists will be able to handle the check-ins quickly and effectively without making visitors wait for so long. Scanning and recording data will be fast and highly accurate, which make things easier for the guests and for the staff on top of the speed it bring to the visitor management operations.