Free Goods VS Economic Goods

Did you know that resources can be categorised into two based on their economic significance and availability? Goods can be divided into two categories in economics: economic goods and free goods. Understanding the differences between these two types is crucial for understanding their effects on the economy and the complex dynamics of their distribution.  In […]


A Guidebook for Administration

Administrative competence can be defined as the backbone of an organisation, for it allows your company to drive with leadership success and value harvested from the bottom line. For businesses to succeed and run smoothly, administration is essential. It includes various duties and responsibilities for planning, controlling, and coordinating corporate activities. The administration’s strength and […]


Servitisation in Manufacturing

Recently, the word servitisation has been trending in the manufacturing world. This term refers to adding services to companies that are product focused on creating revenue streams and delivering a desired outcome to customers consistently until they become solutions-focused. An easy way to understand this is by considering the as-a-service model. Here, a person will […]


Asset Management Software 101

Asset-centric sectors such as manufacturing, construction, water, wastewater, and roading face multiple disadvantages whenever one asset experiences downtime. This could be anything from facing a reduction in the sales or profit of a company to an organisation wasting an enormous amount of energy, costs, and loss of productivity. Sometimes depending on the industry, an asset […]