Why is ERP software important for school management?

Managing a school is never an easy task. With few dozens of daily tasks to perform and hundreds of records to update and more than a handful of tasks to keep on track with, many school struggles in keeping up with their pace and improving productivity.  

For those schools who are looking for a way to overcome this struggle, an ERP system is a perfect solution for you.

Here’s why;

Improve communication between teachers, parents, and students 

With e-communication, an ERP software can streamline the communication between teachers, students, and parents. Once you have installed an ERP system parents with busy schedules can get regularly updated on their child’s academic progress, test results and discipline reports from teachers without even visiting the school.

Anywhere anytime access

The best part about having an ERP software in your school is that helps you access your work anytime anywhere in the world. Students can refer studying materials, teachers can check lesson plans while the administration can access any type of data. For this, all it cost you is a screen and a strong internet connection.

Increased daily productivity

An ERP software automates most of the school management processes and data in one centralized hub. The result will be easy monitoring, tracking and analysing and more. Thus, you’ll be able to improve the efficiency of your day to day tasks. For an example, you won’t have to search through piles of paper to find necessary records as you can access everything with a click.  

Connect multiple departments

Lack of connection between departments is one of the main struggles many school networks with several branches in different locations regularly face. This can affect the efficiency of operations, sharing resources and overall growth as one organization in a great deal. Once you have an ERP software in your school you’ll be able to connect all the departments in different locations through a single integrated platform. 

Better organization of data

With a centralized database, an ERP system will store and organize your data in a more effective manner. From timetable management to fee collection, the system will record, organize and trace everything for you, leaving no room for errors. 

Monitoring attendees 

With traditional methods, any teacher needs at least thirty minutes to mark the attendance of students every day. But with an ERP software, you can automate the attendance marking process saving time spent on students’ attendance monitoring. 

Automate alerts and notifications

From reminding due payments to parents, to notifying teachers about unauthorized leaves to annual repairs of resources, an ERP software will help you create alerts, reminders, and notifications in advance which will take a considerable workload off of your employees’ shoulders. 

Data security

A good ERP software comes with good security features which will guarantee to secure the data of your organization in cyber-attacks. In addition, the system will help you with data recovering in cases of natural disasters or system breakdowns.  

Save money

When you have all most all the processes automated, all the resources managed and all the data organized, you’ll need lesser labours to manage the administration. Plus, the wastes will be reduced at every level.

Why spend your days in a struggle at school when you have easier ways to manage your school? Consider introducing an ERP system to your school from a reputable vendor and enjoy the benefits.