Tips For Finding The Best Training Management Solution

Training centres will struggle to manage their operations without incorporating a training management system. Such a system takes control of and automates tedious, repetitive tasks, eliminates data duplications, ensures data is up-to-date and even provides tips on improving. It helps monitor trainees’ progress, keep track of inventory and inform trainers of the latest certifications, course materials and other vital details that are essential for corporate training. Today, there is a range of training management solutions available for purchase. Deciding which is most suitable will depend on a training centre understanding their requirements. Without first not knowing what problems a training centre is facing, there is no way to assess how effective such a solution is. A good software vendor will generally offer a consultation whereby they take the responsibility to find out what is wrong and provide a solution with modules that helps to eliminate those problems. Other than that, how does a training centre figure out the best training management solution for them in the field? Read on to find out the essential factors a training manager must consider when investing in a training management system. 

Five Tips for Training Managers When Purchasing a Training Management System

It should be noted that implementing a solution that an industrial rival has implemented will not be the ultimate solution. Taking time to ensure that the solution will help the centre reach or surpass other training centres and become an industry leader will significantly depend on what solution works for them exclusively. Regardless of the type of training centre, here are ten of the most common things all training centres must consider as a minimum before making that decision:

Does It Offer Customisable Models?

Opting for a solution vendor that only provides generic modules may not be the most helpful. Despite the importance of such modules, if the solution offers the space to customise, it may be easier for the training centre to scale upwards. While the goals and targets of the training centre may align with generic modules, a futuristic training centre is subject to change in its needs and requirements with time. This is why it is important to have a solution that offers such flexibility and the choice of adopting new modules at any point in the future.

Does It Automate Reports and Analytics?

A training management system role is not restricted to automating the daily processes in a training centre. It is also meant to help them improve and become better with the type of services the centre offers. This can, for instance, be done by assessing the latest courses employees are looking to train their employees. As the business world is competitive, the type of licenses in demand changes every two or three years. By understanding how business employees think and the skills, they want their employees to have, training centres can offer the updated courses they need. A training management solution that automates reports will have hidden insights that will help them to stay up to date. These reports and analytics help training centres monitor their progress monthly or annually and gain intelligent insights to save overall costs and resources further. 

Will Employees Need to Be Tech Savy?

Ideally, a training management system should have a friendly user interface, making the onboard experience for the training centre easier. Keep in mind a training management system integrates all of the departments, be it financial, registration, assessments, course content and more. As a result, it is not a matter of ensuring a few people are familiar with the software solution but guaranteeing everyone is. Hence, investing in a robust solution disguised in a simple user interface ensures the system is user-friendly.

Do They Offer Good After Services?

Sometimes no matter how user-friendly a solution is, it is good to provide training to everyone in the training centre. If the vendor the centre approached is good, they should be willing to provide training as an additional after-service. This shows how the software vendor is also interested in ensuring its clients reap the maximum benefits of its system. The quality of the training also provided ensures the training system gains the full advantages. Furthermore, where the centre requires more modules to be inserted later or needs further services, it is essential that the vendor is still interested in responding and helping centres with their problems. A truly reputed vendor does not stop after the client purchases the solution but maintains a lifelong relationship, making the client feel loyalty towards the vendor.

How Are Their Security Protocols?

Since a training management centre integrates all data into one centralised system, a widespread concern that many training centres flag is security concerns. This will namely depend on the reputation of the vendor. A good starting point is to look through client testimonials and reviews and check what licenses the software vendor has featured on its website. Also, researching the top software vendors in Singapore and checking what other accolades the software provider has won are other ways to ensure the data of a training centre stays protected. While added security protocols and encryptions would significantly protect your data, it is up to the training centre to have security practices enforced in their training centre. It is the combination of these that will guarantee the safety of the training centre. 

Do They Provide Remote Access?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, educational and training centres have offered flexible ways for trainees or students to learn. Hence, a mandatory feature that must be included in a training management system is remote access. This should allow authorised personnel to access sensitive information from wherever they are in the world. This could be in terms of a trainer who wants to access the exclusive course content and conduct any lectures. It should also extend to other departments, be it HR, finance or the management who can monitor the progress of the centre and do their work from the comfort of their home. This way, if there are any emergencies, quick decisions can be taken with no problem. 

TigernixTMS: An Excellent Software Solution in Singapore

TigernixTMS is one of the only software solutions compliant in SSG systems with TPGateway (TPG). It fulfils the standard training management centre integration requirements by strengthening it with scalable APIs, microservers and schemas. The API subscriptions, moreover, are verified and approved by the SGG. As a software vendor, Tigenrix is recognised as a reputed digital software solutions provider in several areas in Singapore. Thus, as a vital digital solutions player in the country, the TigernixTMS is reliable and is security embedded, making it a secure platform that protects your centre’s data. The solution provides instant data access, helps centres to reduce their overall costs, streamlines your training process and your daily operations, enhances the visibility of your training process, helps the trainer to know its trainees better and progresses with the changing consumer demands and market conditions. 

TigernixTMS includes more than forty customisable modules. Out of them, the most popular features include the following:

  • Trainee Management
  • Registration Management
  • Fee / Finance Management
  • Examination Management
  • HR Management
  • Course ManaClassroom Management / Timetable Management 
  • Online Trainee Portal
  • Feedback / Survey Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Reports and analytics

As an added service, Tigernix offers consultation and training services. Hence, training centres that still need to decide what their centre needs can book an appointment to receive a comprehensive understanding of their training centre. Our ever-friendly staff will be ready to lend a hand and explain the technical concept you are unsure of.  Furthermore, if you choose to go ahead with TigernixTMS, you can contact the team for further training sessions. Our team of skilled experts will schedule one, helping anyone, including those with the most basic knowledge of IT, to be a pro in managing the system.

Connect with us to find out whether we are your right software vendor. 

Is It Enough to Incorporate Any Training Management System?

The emphasis throughout this entire article has been the importance of ensuring the training management system has ample flexibility and reliability. Whether receiving customised solutions or providing remote access, they are essential tips to think about regardless of your individual needs. Ensuring the platform is secure and that the vendor offers added services after purchasing the software solution are aspects exclusive to the vendor’s brand. Hence, doing enough research, receiving recommendations from other industrial players and finding which one is most suitable are things that you are responsible for. Hence, investing in any training management system is not sufficient. Significant effort should be put into finding the vendor who is, at the end of the day, the real investment you make. Will you purchase a solution from a vendor that promises to be a lifelong worthy investment, or are you only looking to meet your present needs?