Digitising your charity centre? Here’s all you need to know

The word ‘digitising’ is naturally related to ‘industrial efficiency’ but did you know that digitising is not just confined to profit-oriented businesses? Any business at any point in the world can be upgraded by technology, including Charity Centres. Today this article will guide you through the benefits rooted out from ‘digitising a charity centre’ and how you can do it. 

Is your facility a charity centre?

Charity Centres are benevolent communities that are clustered with members, volunteers and donors work hand in hand towards a selfless goal- supporting marginalised groups or providing a service to achieve social well-being. Either way, these philanthropic groups are often supported by the government and benefitted by tax exemptions and other reliefs. Such organisations do not collect funds for themselves at the end of a financial year; instead, they invest the surplus to the next year. If your company mimics the same nature as explained above, then your facility is also a ‘Charity Centre’.

Charity Management System – first step towards digitising

Charity Management Systems encompasses and mitigates all managerial efforts exerted by the Charity Centre. Since the Charity Centre is driven by support from numerous individuals and assistive bodies, every minute information must be handled and reported efficiently to create a transparent and trustworthy environment within the institute. In other words, all activities exercised by the Charity Centre will be web-based.  Such systems are always compound, meaning it is a perfect synergy between sub-modules that perform unique tasks. Examples for some of these modules can be: 

  • Charity Home Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Donor Management
  • Membership Renewal System
  • Counselling and support portal
  • Marketing Management System 
  • Mass messaging – emails and NewsLetters, etc. 

This is why adopting a charity Management System is the first big step towards digitising your support centre. But various researches and questions must be asked before going to this phase. Keep reading to educate yourself with the steps that must be taken by your Charity Centre to adopt a Charity Management System. 

Steps towards a Smart Charity Centre

Following robust principles in a Charity Centre is important. The most efficient and candid way to follow such principles is through equipping an interconnected and flexible Charity Management System. What are the steps that must be followed by your facility to get this technological luxury?

Step 1: Involving everyone to gear up towards a transition

The whole team in your charity centre must be aware of the change that is about to happen. There can be people who are not tech literates or people who are used to working manually. So, members, volunteers and even donors can be invited to announce how a charity management system can ease everyone’s support in the charity centre, in-office and outside too! 

Step 2: Go into detail. 

The director board can use tech experts to explain how this system can elevate the charity centre both online and offline and how people from around the world would also be enabled to take part in their support systems. Digital marketing will be enabled through digitising and unleash streaming advantages for the centre. Everything must be explained, clarified and elaborated to all people who invested their efforts in the support centre. This stage requires a lot of planning, the problem facing and researching. If you succeed in this step, then all team members and volunteers would feel how easy their day-to-day activities are going to be after the digital transition. 

Step 3: Decide which tactual documents must be computerised.

Now that everyone has agreed and is curious about the upgrade work together to understand which documents and processes need a digital upgrade. Since procedures, all centres are not ideal, and each centre uses different styles and has different work cultures, this step is important to help your software vendors to get a clear idea about what you expect from your Charity Management System. Categorise all processes under groups like repetitive, mandatory, or unique in behaviour. This way you can create a summarised report on the managerial endeavours that you take to run your charity centre. 

Step 4: Budget planning

This phase requires a lot of financial support. You can systematically circulate the technology needful that your centre requires and request for support through government grants or donor funds. Now you know what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and how much you are ready to invest in getting it done—time to meet the software builders. 

Step 5: Meeting the best Software Vendors

You can provide all the reports and requests that you have collected in your previous steps to your software vendors. With these data, you have to ask necessary questions from your vendors to test their expertise in providing what you require. You can interrogate their quality by asking questions like: 

  • How long have you been in this industry?
  • Can we please look into your company’s history?
  • Can we get a demo version of a Charity Management System that you have engineered?
  • Will you provide manuals for the software?
  • Can I contact one of your clients to ask about the user experience?
  • What are the operating hours of your customer service hub? 
  • What are the features that can be embedded in the Charity Management System?
  • How many Charity Centres adopted software from you?

Step 6: Discuss training sessions.

Last but not least, you have to discuss how you will naturalise this transition in the centre. For example, you can consult your vendors to ask for advice on how to help your crew to adapt to the transition. Training sessions by IT tutors can be very helpful during this stage. 

What happens after the transition?

After adopting Charity Management Systems, efficiencies will naturally spark your centre, such as: 

  • All your charity centre’s managerial activities will be easier and user-friendly.
  • Volunteers and supportive people from all around the world will connect with your business.
  • You can achieve a test by every click you hit
  • You can create a loud e-presence to your business.
  • Volunteers will remain in your centre because they prefer working with you.
  • Data transparency will enhance your centre’s authenticity.
  • Your data will be secured, and security measures will be taken to control system breaches.

If you are searching for authentic software vendors, visit Tigernix software page, and if you are searching for more details on Charity Management Software, please click here. Upgrade your charity centre to feel the effects that technology can provide for your centre to help others in a better, more supportive and futuristic manner. Technology is readily accessible to you, and your support can be readily accessible by people who require your support.