The perks of using a Facility and Property Management System in your business

Meticulous management of a company’s property is a definite pursuit that must be maintained by all companies. Two common facts are misconceived by many people who talk about Facility Management Systems. They are: 

  1. That it is mistakenly believed that enterprise-level businesses are the only type of organisations that must maintain Facility and Property Management Systems, but no, even small-scale businesses can use property management systems to keep a keen eye on the businesses’ facilities so that no one can misuse property-related data as they need. 
  2. Another false belief that people have is that facility management focuses on a nice homely facility for a business to unpack and interior design. But Property and Facility Management is much broader than that!  It focuses on the amalgamation of facilities, intangible and tangible property, processes, people and technologies that are collectively operating to carry out business tasks and responsibilities. 

Facility and Property management can be divided into two main services, namely Hard Services and Soft Services. Keep reading to understand how the Facility and Property Management System works in a business. 


Hard Services in Facility Management

Hard Services focus on must-equip services that are legally bound to be accomplished or are necessary for carrying out business activities. These services don’t vary from one business to another; they are common to all businesses. They are most of the time tangible parts of the building, which are often called ‘the essentials’. Mentioned below are some of the most common Hard Services:

  • Electrical Lighting Systems 
  • Plumbing and Drainage systems
  • Safety Control Measures
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ventilating Systems 
  • Parking Spaces as required by law
  • Heat Systems
  • Water Management systems
  • Space Allocations and number of inhabitants
  • Building Maintenance and Mechanical Support etc.

Soft Services in Facility Management

Soft services are more inclined towards the specific needs of an organisation. It can change from one organisation to another. These services make the work environment cosier, secure and welcoming to its inhabitants. These services focus more on people’s preferences than legal obligations. Some of these services are not must-haves all organisations. Examples of soft services are: 

  • Recycling Systems
  • Pest control systems
  • Extra space allocations
  • Housekeeping systems
  • Security Systems
  • Indoor decorations and designing etc. 

A computerised solution designed for facility and property management systems must be able to manage all these services seamlessly. Captivatingly, facility management systems do have the capability to update their system infrastructure to suit all services of a business. It records and maintains details of such services that keep a business running under good condition. 

What are the perks of using a facility and Property Management System in your business?

Perks are endless. But let’s focus on a few most obvious advantages of using a facility and property management system.

1. Efficiency at its most

Maintaining properties and facility-oriented services via a digital system enables the highest rate of managerial efficiency. Because unlike manual systems, this solution doesn’t require desks full of paper, all it requires is the elements that inhabit the software: hardware, software, a techie and an internet connection.

All-round management capabilities
All day-to-day decisions and managerial choices can be made based on a user-friendly system that outputs information faster and without any human errors. Repetitive actions can be automated to even engineered to record the simplest and minute information. If there is more than one site, this software is capable of handling multi-sites under one virtual control unit… as mentioned before, perks can get endless.

Scalable, flexible and unbreakable
If made by experienced digital solution developers, facility and property management systems are exclusively user-oriented. It can possess scalable detailed reports and software that can help the user get unique data streams as he/she prefers. Customised facility and property management systems can be built to meet the significant advantages of target companies- making the software very flexible. These software vendors also provide 24/7 active protection mediums, which will identify threats and malicious software that can harm the facility and property management system.

2. Minimal Costs

Many businesses who are not technological expertise occasionally believe that facility and property management systems are costly. Indeed, the installation costs of technological aids are often high, but some vendors sell budget-oriented solutions. And it is not healthy to overlook the long-term benefits that can be reaped by digital solutions such as this. Because the cost of labour and the cost of unpredicted maintenance issues will diminish immensely, upgrading the facility and property management system digitally would supercharge the performance of the business which will ultimately result in enhancing the ROI. 

3. Allows housing of multiple modules

A convenient facility and property management system always allow multi modules to be housed into its infrastructure and then to be interconnected without any interruptions. Such modules that can be inclusive to the facility and property management system can be: 

  • Multiple Site Managing software
  • Contractual Management System
  • Property occupancy / Property Vacancy Management Software
  • Expenditure report Generating software
  • Visitor Management Software 
  • Access Management Software

Using the Facility and Property Management System is shrouded with conveniences and efficiencies that no manual system can offer you. Familiarising yourself with the perks of this software is, therefore, value-adding to you whether you are a start-up business, a sole proprietorship organisation, or a partnership business. Learn more about the perks inherited by the best Facility and Property Management System in Singapore.