The age of students sitting in rows staring at a textbook or the board while the lecturer is teaching in the front of the class is long gone. As the advancement in technology in education and classrooms adopting more and more cutting-edge technology, education is evolving fast.

Machine learning is one such revolutionising technology that can transform the entire educational experience for educators as well as for students. 

Human resource is an important aspect for the success of any organization. Thus, companies are always in the hunt to find the latest methods, practices and technology to help the HR department run smoothly.

HRMS is one of the most effective technologies that can transform the HR department of your organization if you select the right solution for your organization. Being a software solution developed to help with day to day tasks involved in HR management, the system will make things simple, effective and less overwhelming for your HR team. 

From recruitment, handling payrolls to performance evaluation, a good HRMS will enable you to handle your daily operations with much more ease. 

If you are too in the hunt for a good HRMS here are 10 must-have components of an HRMS.

BI or Business intelligence is a topic you keep hearing more and more about in recent years. But can a BI system really help a business to grow? In this article, we tackle the very question of sharing our BI experts’ wisdom.

Providing the right data at the right time to the right people, a good BI system help businesses make the right decisions in order to improve their bottom line and overall organizational efficiency. Below are 8 ways that a BI help you grow your organization…

A school information system is a software application that store and exchange information between the administration, students, staff and parents and other stakeholders involved. 

Comprised of a gourmet of features, the system will improve your data accuracy and data security while saving you a significant amount of time, work hours and money in the long run.